Did the Political Scientist really say BBM-Sara won, but Leni-Kiko captured the hearts & minds of young people? Int’l relations expert, netizens react

International relations expert and and host of her own program at the SMNI News Channel, Sass Rogando Sasot roasted a political scientist who said that BBM-Sara won, but it is Leni-Kiko who captured the hearts and minds, especially the young people.

Sasot replied that she looked at the data and told herself, in a sarcastic tone, that the data must be wrong.

Apparently, Sasot’s FB followers get the joke and in more than 24 hours since the post went live, it generated 14,000+ reactions and 11,000 of which hit the laugh emoji of Facebook’s array of reaction emojis.

Netizens slammed the Political Scientist who made such silly statement, who by the way is an Assoc. Professor from UP Diliman Political Science Department in the comment section.

One netizen summed up the Political Scientist statement as the result of her frustrations that made her ignore what democracy is all about.

Regardless of her being a political scientist, her mind is consumed by bias favoring the brand of the leadership of the losing camp. Frustrations made her ignore what democracy is all about! She could not accept that her favored candidates lost and were rejected by the majority in a humiliating fashion!

A second netizen made a witty remark in reaction to the statement of the Political Scientist.

Perhaps, we’re on the other side of planet earth that we don’t see what they see… 😅

A third commented that they watched the said interview and she and her husband and the husband asked her if they are living in a different country. She answered that it’s either the case or the Political Scientist is from a different planet.

We’ve seen that interview po and my husband asked me if we are living in diff. country either that or she is in diff planet. kaloka.

A fourth said that a political scientist with wrong analysis is not what he/she claimed to be.

A political scientist with wrong analysis is not a scientist! specially if the data is supported with figures 31m VS. 14m . Basic


Source: For the Motherland – Sass Rogando Sasot

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