Did this anti-Duterte org just say 13 million died in war on drugs campaign? British national slams organization in viral open letter

If you’d recall, President Duterte offered to host a human rights summit during the APEC Summit in Vietnam amidst criticism of human rights violation in the government’s war on drugs campaign.

Duterte critics like Trillanes says that Duterte is a hypocrite for offering to host a human rights summit when allegations of extra-judicial killings hounded the administration.

Lagman, another opposition politician, says Duterte is not qualified to host such an event. [Link here]

If you think the arguments of Lagman and Trillanes against the Philippines hosting such an event because of their aversion to Duterte, wait until you read this Facebook post from Amnesty Philippines.

Amnesty Philippines’ Facebook post elicited angry reactions from netizens on social media.

British national Malcolm Conlan, who is married to a Filipina, took to Facebook to express his deep concern over Amnesty International’s misleading figures over the number of deaths associated with war on drugs campaign.

Conlan asks Amnesty International to withdraw their malicious report and make a public apology.

An Open Letter to Amnesty Philippines,

18 A Marunong St., Bgy. Central,
Quezon City 1100

Email: section@amnesty.org.ph

To be whom it may concern,

I am writing to you to express deep concerns over your completely misleading figures over the number of deaths associated with the, in my opinion, highly necessary and appropriate, campaign against illegal drugs of the Duterte administration.

Two points, firstly I thought the figure in your photo of ‘13M deaths’ was highly misleading and outrageous. Surely banding about misleading, fake news like this is highly inappropriate, if not illegal under PH law?

An organisation such as Amnesty just can’t make mistakes like this, it will not help your campaign either.

If you in fact meant 13,000 thousand deaths, this was the actual figures banded about under the previous Aquino administration (Between 13,000 – 16,000).

Also #AmnestyPH, you got it badly wrong on two counts, firstly the actual numbers of those who lost their lives as a result of the War On Drugs, was around 3,575 according to the latest figures from the PDEA, updated Sep 2017.

All of these deaths 3,575 deaths, were attributed to police operations or drugs raids were the police or PDEA were defending themselves in the line of duty.

Secondly, why would you group other deaths into this figure, which are not connected to the war on drugs?

Finally, while others are trying their very best to promote the country at this time, Amnesty PH seems to be doing it’s best to destabilise it, through spreading this Fake News 😢

I hope you will withdraw this misleading, inaccurate photo and statement, as well as apologise to your followers for sharing this clearly, inaccurate photo on social media?


Malcolm Conlan


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