Did Trump allegedly call Trillanes ‘little Narco’ when asked by a reporter about the opposition senator’s visit to the US? What do you think?

A Philippine Star article has been making the buzz lately after column writer Al G. Peroche shared an anecdote of US Pres. Trump allegedly calling Trillanes ‘little Narco’.

Story has it that while aboard Air Force One, a reporter asked Pres. Trump if it was true that Trillanes tried to convince the US President to cancel his Manila visit via Sen. Marco Rubio and this is allegedly Trump’s reply: “Senator who? Like I said senator who? The lil’ narco who met Marco? How’d he get a visa? isn’t he wanted, doesn’t he have an arrest warrant or something?”

To further drive home his point, Trump added: “I’m going to Manila to meet the main guy. A leaders’ leader, man’s man Rody, we talk from time to time, he’s the head of ASEAN right now and when you do deal you deal with the boss”.

The article about Trump calling Trillanes ‘Lil Narco’ did not go viral until “Thinking Pinoy” picked up the story and shared it on his Facebook page.

US President Donald J. Trump reportedly called Senator Antonio “Sonny” Trillanes IV a “Little Narco”, with “narco” being the colloquial for a “drug baron” or “drug lord”.

“Thinking Pinoy’s” post quickly spread like wildfire, generating 12, 458 shares on Facebook and drawing thousands of comments and reactions on Facebook.

“Pinoy Ako Blog”, a Facebook page associated with the opposition went ballistic, accusing “Thinking Pinoy” of getting paid, to spread fake news against Trillanes.

Dear Thinking Pinoy,
Nagagalit kayong pagsinasabihan ng fake news, pero post naman kayo ng post ng tulad nito. Resibo. 😠😠😠

By the way, upon checking the Phil Star article, it was deleted online following the controversy generated by the said post, further adding fuel to the speculation that perhaps Trump knows something that mere mortals like us does not know.

Atty. Darwin Canete took to Facebook expressing his take on the Trump comment on Trillanes.

US president Trump has the NSA, the CIA and the DEA. If he called Trillianes “Little Narco” may laman iyan. 😂😂

As of this writing, the senator’s camp has not released any statement to respond to Trump’s little narco comment.

In fairness to Trillanes, Phil Star columnist Peroche did not produce a link or a video to support his claim.

Your reaction?

Source: http://archive.is/K3cG7#selection-851.19-851.202

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