Did Wikileaks founder just calls Rappler “stupidiest I’ve ever read” after publishing an article insinuating a Putin-Duterte-Wikileaks conspiracy?

For the past few months, the Duterte supporters and Rappler have been trading insults, accusing each other of being fake news peddler.

However, it appears that the Duterte supporters will have the last laugh after Wikileaks founder Julian Assange just called out Rappler on Twitter, describing one of its articles, “stupidiest I’ve ever read”.

Rappler’s fate has been sealed as an internally recognized “fake news peddler” after Rappler published an article insinuating a “Putin-Duterte-Assange” conspiracy.


Well, I urge you to read an excerpt from “Thinking Pinoy’s” Facebook post explaining how Rappler gets global recognition as fake news peddler, courtesy of Julian Assange, a controversial and popular internet personality.

On Facebook, Thinking Pinoy writes:

“Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange tweeted, “This article in Rappler is literally the stupidest article I have ever read. The evidence of a Russian plot is that I tweeted a link TO RAPPLER.”

Assange refers to Rappler’s latest blog post “Bots, Assange, an alliance: Has Russian propaganda infiltrated the Philippines?”, where the embattled blog site claims that “a Russian-linked Twitter account used to interfere in polls in Spain is now tweeting exclusively about the Philippines.”, insinuating a grand Russia-Assange-Rody Duterte conspiracy.

The Rapplerettes describe this as “one of several disturbing developments that may suggest Kremlin influence”.

The article’s claim of a grand is hinged only on two premises: [1] that the assailed Twitter account, allegedly with Russian links, is focused on the Philippines; and [2] that Assange tweeted about Rappler.

The twitter account’s Russian-links have yet to be definitively established, as it may even turn out to be a piece of planted evidence.

Meanwhile, the cited Assange tweet reads “Is Rappler right?”, accompanied by a link to “Contrary to Duterte’s claims, Rappler is 100% Filipino-owned, and the CIA is not one of its funders.”, that’s it.”

Thinking Pinoy’s Facebook post has elicited mixed reactions on social media, mostly laughing and jeering at Rappler’s misery. Bad!

Eric Pasco tells Rappler that its fine to embarrass themselves inside Philippine soil. But it’s a different story when they export their stupidity to the world: “Please lang Rappler, ok na dito nalang sa Pinas magkalat….madadamay na naman kami nyan na ignorante eh sa world wide ranking eh…”

Netizen Zia Blossom congratulates Rappler for getting the recognition in the global stage. “Congrats rappler internstional fake news “

Jacob Ryan reacts by making a pitch in behalf of Rappler in a mocking tone: “If you are into reading fiction stories. Rappler articles are for you.”

Alvin Manalo Tubio writes: “Export quality ang Rappler ”

Thinking Pinoy’s post has gathered 1,348 shares, 4,465 reactions and 215 comments an hour after hitting the publish button.

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