Did you know a young Scout Ranger officer named Rolando “Bote” Bautista save newbie reporter Erwin Tulfo’s life in Jolo?

Did DWSD Secretary and retired General Rolando Bautista save Erwin Tulfo’s life decades ago in Jolo, Sulu when he was still a newbie reporter?

Well, that’s what happened according to a PMA alumnus who shared the said photo to refresh Erwin’s memory to whom he owed his life.

According Nick Sotelo, (remember the viral letter defending DSWD Secretary Rolando Bautista from Erwin Tulfo? he was the same guy) Tulfo’s speed boat sunk somewhere near Jolo, Sulu decades ago when Erwin was just a newbie reporter.

He was taken to safety by a Army Scout Rangers led by then young Musang officer Rolando “Bote” Bautista, now DSWD Secretary, whom the foul-mouthed ingrate cursed and lambasted on his radio program.

Sotelo remarked that indeed amnesia is such a despicable disease, worse when couple with an awful bloodline.

Sotelo encouraged Pinoy Facebook netizens to share the photo in the hope of jogging all this “ill-mannered bastard’s memory” into remembering to whom he owes his life.

You may read Nick Sotelo’s full FB post below.

This photo was taken decades ago when Mr. Erwin Tulfo was rescued to safety by Army Scout Rangers while he was still a newbie broadcaster and his speedboat sunk somewhere near Jolo, Sulu.

And guess who was in the middle of the team in a white sleeveless shirt that saved his life? No less than that young Musang officer named Rolando “BOTE” Bautista, now DSWD secretary, whom that foulmouthed ingrate was cursing & lambasting on his radio program last week.

Amnesia is indeed such a despicable disease!! Even worse, when coupled with an obnoxious bloodline.

Please share so perhaps we can all jog this ill-mannered bastard’s memory into remembering who he owes his life to.

Thank you Denz Magpantay for sharing the pic!!

Mack Grey commented: Every picture has a story to tell.. This one tells how a man was treated by a bunch of musang gentle warriors. A vivid picture of General Bautista as an officer and a gentleman, a person of humility, a soldier of peace. And a forgotten memory of Mr. Erwin Tulfo as….. nevermind.

Rene Burgos The Great Dumbass owe his only one life from the Good Secretary, I think he should be treated like a plebe and crawl around the PMA Company area of Gen. Bautista

Del Burgos Walang utang na loob!

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