“Diktador to the highest level” — Netizens on Manny Pacquiao flexing muscle in latest power struggle vs PDP Laban party mates

Atty. Trixie of the FB Page Luminous by Trixie Cruz-Angeles & Ahmed Paglinawan wasted no time to write a reaction post regarding the letter purportedly from PDP Laban President Manny Pacquiao containing the explicit instruction for the expulsion of Vice Chairman Al Cusi from the party.

The expulsion order also includes the so-called cohorts of Cusi within the party. Pacquiao cited the party’s constitution particularly Article VII Section 6 as grounds for the immediate expulsion.

In the letter, Pacquiao remarked many PDP Laban cadres suspect that the recent action of Cusi and his cohorts were not meant to uphold the interest of the party but to advance their selfish agenda to destroy PDP Laban completely.

Moving forward, Atty. Trixie began by pointing out the glaring errors of Pacquiao’s order. For example: expulsion of party mates before conducting an investigation.

“Maraming errors dito, but ang pinaka glaring ay yung nagpapa EXPEL muna siya BAGO magpa imbestiga.”

Atty. Trixie called Pacquiao’s attention to tell him that he got the whole process in reverse.

“Sir, baliktad po. Investigate first, obtain evidence, apply evidence to the law, then expel if wrongdoing has been found.

“Ang tawag diyan, DUE PROCESS,” Atty. Trixie remarked.

Atty. Trixie’s FB post has attracted the usual crowd, you know, the anti-Manny and his supporters on socmed.

Netizens shared their opinion on the issue by commenting below.

“Feeling nya partido cya sa PDP pero insult ung ginawa nya kay Pres. Duterte…” said one netizen.

Another netizen slammed Manny Pacquiao for his thick face. “Bagag dagway nas Pacquiao. His greed for ambition is killing his integrity. 🤡

This netizen hits Pacquiao for acting like a dictator and feeling almighty now. “Sino ngayon ang tunay na diktador at feeling almighty. May chairman pang mas mataas sa’yo. Remind lang pati sa’yo. You are acting President. So maituturing pa rin na hindi officially napag- bobotohan. Atsk, sa pagkakaalala ko eh ampon lang po kayo ng partido. Mga matatagal na sa partido ang i-expel nyo. Atsk, expel agad-agad? Wla bang imbestigasyon Ng kabuoan o botohan? 🤔🤭👊👎

“seems like he own the political party…, diktador 😜 replied another netizen.

This netizen can only sound the alarm bell to warn Filipinos about voting for Pacquiao should he run for President. The netizen fears for the country under a Pacquiao leadership: “Delikado ang Pinas pg mga ganyang klase ng tao ang pgkatiwalaan sa another 6 years.😕Parang quak doktor lang ang peg? Best bet pa rin ang Mayor ng Davao; certified effective,with no allegations nor records of corruptions; Ma’am Inday #RunSaraRun2022😍#President👊#Halalan2022🙏

Meanwhile, some netizens were simply content in taking a swipe at Pacquiao and his college degree.

“‘Instances” “destruct’ – 11 years ng seryosong pag aaral sa ‘University’,🤪 pointed out one netizen.

“Ganyan po tapaga pang in just 3 months eh may college diploma na po Siya agad. Ni dinga nkapagtapos ng high school traditionally ehh. Kahit manlang sa college natapos ang 4years course ng s ganon may ipagmamalaking pinagaralan,” remarked another netizen.

“UMAK yung graduate nyo…apakatalino grabe,” another netizen commented.

“Ganyan ang napala sa 3 months may diploma kana from UMak haha. Sa Umak din kaya nag aaral ang advicer ni Manny or yung taga sulat ng script nya lol” chimed in another.

As of this writing, Atty. Trixie’s FB post has generated 3,957 reactions, 687 comments and 201 shares in just 2 hours and counting.


Source: Luminous by Trixie Cruz-Angeles & Ahmed Paglinawan

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