DILG Sec. Año’s “outstanding” video presentation in senate hearing Risa Hontiveros don’t want public to see

During the recent senate probe on red tagging, DILG Secretary Año did a video presentation showing former students who started as members of the so-called legal fronts like Gabriela, Kabataan Partylist and eventually became regular NPA cadres.

Unfortunately, they met tragic and untimely deaths during encounters with the military.

PCOO USec. Lorraine Badoy called the video presentation of Sec. Ano “outstanding” that Senator Risa Hontiveros raised an objection because she found it offensive.

“This is the video in Sec Año’s outstanding presentation during the Senate hearing on redtagging- images Senator Risa Hontiveros didn’t want shown in public bec it offended her.”

USec Badoy explained she understand where Hontiveros was coming from.

“I think what she meant was – if the mothers of these children who lost their lives in such violent circumstances saw those images, it would traumatize them again.”

Badoy couldn’t help but think where these mothers get the courage to continue living and get through days after such tragic and painful experience?

“But I’m thinking- how do these mothers continue to live after such a heartrending loss? How do they manage to wake up and breathe and get through their days?”

“And how many mothers are out there whose lives have become irreparably broken bec of the CPP NPA NDF’s deceptive recruitment using their fronts: GABRIELA, LFS. ANAKBAYAN, CEGP, IBON, BAYAN MUNA, ACT, KARAPATAN, etc?” Badoy further asked.

In other words, Usec. Badoy reckoned these mothers are already numb after all what they’ve been through.

“I think, Madame Senator, in the greater scheme of what it is these mothers have lost, those photos amount to nothing.”

Usec Badoy threw a shade a Senator Risa Hontiveros for finding the images offensive more than the circumstances that led the youth to their tragic ends.

“And that there has to be something terribly terribly wrong with us if images of dead children offend us far more than the REASON these children are dead.”

USec. Badoy did not let up and put Senator Risa Hontiveros in a uncomfortable position by coming up with another brilliant line.

“And that if we’re going to speak up about these photos at all, we MUST speak too about the deceptive recruitment of our children by the CPP NPA NDF fronts.”

If you think Usec Badoy was done, you’re dead wrong! She just put Hontiveros in a wringer.

“And I didn’t hear you speak a word against LFS, ANAKBAYAN, CEGP, GABRIELA, ACT, IBON, KABATAAN, KARAPATAN, etc.”

Usec. Badoy remarked that what’s worse, Hontiveros defended the high ranking member of the CPP NPA installed in the House Representatives – whom she accused of DIRECTYLY responsible for the deaths of these children rather than speak against them.

“Who I heard you defend though were the high ranking party member of the CPP NPA NDF Central Committee installed in the House of Representatives: the Makabayan Bloc, Madame Senator- those DIRECTLY responsible for the deaths of these children.”

“Why?” Badoy ended the FB post with a guilt-trip question.


Source: Lorraine Badoy

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