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Dinky Soliman filed a complaint in Civil Service Commission against Dr. Badoy for child p0rn remark. Check out her reply on FB!

Dinky versus Lorraine

Dinky versus Lorraine

Former DSWD Sec. Soliman has allegedly filed a complaint against DSWD Asst. Secretary in the Civil Service Commission for her foul mouth.

The complaint is grounded on Dr. Lorraine T. Badoy’s controversial post on Facebook mocking at the EU for threatening to punish the Duterte administration by removing the trade perks accorded to the country because of alleged human rights violations.

Check out the full text of Dr. Lorraine Marie T. Badoy’s Facebook post.

“Dinky Soliman filed a complaint against me in the Civil Service Commission because I’m not fit for public office daw because I have a potty mouth and a host of other made-up complaints I didn’t bother to read.

(Lakas ng tawa ko, I swear. Janerves! Imagine, my prends. Haha..)

Naku madam, hindi ko ikapepreso yan. If worse comes to worst, all that ever happens to me is I lose this job–that I don’t grasp at and willingly give up if it gets to that. I have a lovely life with my family and dogs and books waiting for me.

It’s no big loss to me. Pramis.

Yeah, sure, there’s one less eagle eye to do the Yolanda audits, etc etc. But I am confident the members of Sec Taguiwalo’s team–so like the Secretary they serve under: brilliant, incorruptible, compassionate–will more than take up the slack when I am gone.

I’m not the one in danger of going to jail, madam.

Guess who?”

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