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Direk Manny Castaneda on huge crowd of Leni-Kiko rallies: What we see is the whole 20% of what they have to offer. Yun na yun

Veteran movie director and actor Manuel “Manny” Castaneda offered his personal opinion on the huge crowd that attended Leni-Kiko campaign rallies.

Basically, Direk Manny described the contrasting attitude of the supporters of the BBM-Sara tandem vs Leni-Kiko tandem at this point in the campaign period.

“Laid back”. That’s how Direk Manny described the attitude of the BBM-Sara supporters, mainly because of the favorable survey results of BBM-Sara tandem. Although, he called this attitude “risky” as well.

On one hand, Direk Manny described the Leni-Kiko supporters like they are on a warpath, uber-aggressive in selling Leni-Kiko tandem on social media because they want to prove they are a force to reckon with and not get run over in the election.

However, Direk Manny have bad news for the Kakampinks because as far as he is concerned, this huge crowd in Leni-Kiko campaign rallies already represents the entire 20% of Leni supporters in the surveys.

Here are some of the comments from netizens below.

Netizen #1 somewhat disagreed with Direk Manny that BBM supporters are confident. Instead, the BBM supporters are just more alert now than in 2016.

Hindi naman confident Direk…mas alerto nga mga BBM supporters ngayon because of 2016. Pero sabi nga nila iba ang rally sa surveys. Alam ng Kakampinks na grabe ang lamang ni BBM sa kanila kaya they will do everything para mag mukhang marami sumusuporta…

Netizen #2 agreed with Direk Manny’s assessment on BBM-Sara vs Leni-Kiko supporters.

A product that sells itself doesn’t need advertising. On the contrary, a product that has caused misery and pain to the multitude will try everything they can to improve their rotten reputation.. only to win a vote..

Netizen #3 assured Direk Manny that BBM-Sara supporters are on the lookout to prevent the opposing camp from cheating their way to victory.

We are always on the lookout Derek. Lahat ng mga balak nilang pag sabotahe at pandaraya binabantayan. Sa ngayon ung mga posters ni BBM nilalagyan ng #10…para ang mga no read no write n mga kababayan lilituhin at tandaan lng ang numero. #10 is LENI..Kaya need mag rally sa mga supporters ni BBM wag nimber nag tandaan kundi hanapin at basahin ang pangalan.

You may now read Direk Manny’s original FB post.

BBM/Sara supporters have been a bit laid back lately. Backed by very favorable survey results, they feel they have nothing to prove. Confident that BBM and Sara will win the elections. Better to sit back and relax and let everything fall into place. Can be a risky attitude though.

Whereas, Leni supporters are on the warpath. They’ve pressed the panic button and are out to prove that they will not be trampled upon. They come in full force. And what we see is the whole 20% of what they have to offer. Yun na yun. Better still, hanggang dun na lang yun.


Source: Manuel Castaneda

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