Direk Manny Castaneda says he is voting for this Presidential candidate because he believes this candidate abhors CPP-NPA-NDF

Direk Manny Castaneda has been keeping his presidential choice close to his chest since the start of the campaign period because he still want more time to study the other candidates but one thing is certain, she is not voting for Leni,

But today, the veteran and multi-awarded movie director has finally revealed his choice and that is none other than BBM for the simple reason that he believes BBM abhors the CPP-NPA-NDF and if he becomes the next President, he will do everything in his power to finally put the communist insurgency problem in the country behind us. Whatever BBM intends to do other than ending the communist problem is just a bonus.

You may now read Direk Mannny Castaneda’s original FB post.

I would like to believe that BBM abhors the CPP-NPA-NDF and whatever variations and forms of communism that exist here in the Philippines. Should he be given the chance to be president, I am convinced he will exert all efforts to finally put an end to the communist insurgency in the country. It is for this reason alone that I will vote for Bongbong Marcos. Other than that, whatever good he intends to do for the country would be an added bonus for me.

And please spare me the very stale magnanakaw narrative. It is so over-used, masyadong gastado na, it has lost its shock value from all angles. Besides, for decades, after 1986, the Aquinos had complete control of the government plus the cooperation of foreign governments and still they failed to fully identify and recover the alleged hidden cum ill-gotten wealth of the Marcoses. Either the hidden wealth is just a myth or saksakan lang sila ng tanga.

At kung ninakawan nga tayo ng pamilya Marcos … ginago naman tayo ng mga Aquino. Para sa akin, hamak na mas masakit yun.


Source: Manuel Castaneda

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