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Disappointed Angelica Panganiban fan lashes at actress: “Ange, Idol kita, pero mukhang wala kang alam.”

A certain Noel Landero Sarifa couldn’t hide his huge disappointment at actress Angelica Panganiban whom he described as his movie idol.

Sarifa confessed he is a fan of the actress but to his dismay, the actress Angelica Panganiban turned out to be an empty head. “Ange, Idol kita, pero mukhang wala kang alam.”

Sarifa was actually reacting to the tweet of Panganiban who used the issue of mass testing in retaliation after the shutdown of the Kapamilya network. Panganiban alleged the shutdown is a diversionary tactic to hide shortcomings of the government in its handling of the pandemic. Panganiban reasoned she was asking questions to remind the government who is the real enemy.

Sarifa updated Panganiban re mass testing and what to expect in the coming days. “Nagmamass testing na po tayo, nasa 12,000 test daily na ang capacity ng Pilipinas as of yesterday, the target 30,000 test per day is on track by the end of this month.”

On Panganiban asking where is the vaccine? Sarifa said there is no vaccine yet but there are promising vaccines being developed in other countries so Panganiban should stop asking for it.

“Sa Vaccine naman, wala pa pong vaccine, lahat potential pa lang, so wag hanapin ang wala pa. Para rin updated ka, may 50Million pabuya ang pangulo sa sinumang makakadiskubre nito.”

On press freedom? Sarifa said it is very much alive and kicking. In fact, they still air TV patrol, Ressa is still spreading wrong information, Kim, Coco and Agot are still free to express themselves.

“Press freedom? Buhay na buhay, may TV patrol kayo, si Ressa nagpakakalat ng maling information, si kim, si coco, si Agot at ikaw are still able to express yourself freely.”

On the government aid? Sarifa remarked Panganiban is obviously not updated. Sarifa joked the SAP recipient who pampered herself by getting a rebond might be staring at her curly hair now, the rooster who was unlucky in the cockfight was cooked “tinola” style.

“Ayuda? Aba huling huli ka na, baka kumulot na ulit yong buhok ng nagparebond, natinola na ang mga manok ng natalo sa sabong, tapos na ang first tranche nasa second tranche na tayo, saang mundo ka ba galing at nahuli ka ata sa lahat ng nangyayari sa Pilipinas?”

On Panganiban accusing the government of diverting issue? Sarifa countered that its their camp who is guilty of her accusation. He said we should stick to the covid crisis issue, it;s them are very noisy. Sarifa agreed with Panganiban that we should divert the issue and focused on the covid crisis.

Sarifa uged Panganiban to let ABS-CBN lawyer do their jobs and the lawmakers tackle the issue of ABS-CBN franchise. “Kayo ang naglilihis ng issue, dapat covid crisis lang tayo e, ang iingay nyong mga artista, tama ka wag nating ilihis ibalik natin sa covid crisis. PAKIUSAP, Let your lawyers and the law makers tackle about ABS-CBN franchise.”

Sarifa ended the FB post with a message to Angelica Panganiban.Salamat, convince your fellow artist to focus on covid.

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Source: Noel Sarifa

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