Disappointed fan lashes at Kapamilya actress Anne Curtis-Smith for latest tweet vs Duterte gov’t

Anne Curtis is once again a recipient of an open letter from an irate and staunch Duterte defender because of her recent tweet wherein the actress called the “lack of plan” from the Duterte government in dealing with the latest surge of covid cases “alarming” specially knowing that not everyone can/has gotten tested.

Anne added that “it would be nice if given more light what is to happen while waiting for the vaccines to arrive.”

Radio host and blogger Mark Lopez in his FB page “Mark my Word” quickly ended his brief vacation from political commentary in observance of the Holy Week to call out the Kapamilya actress though he admitted he wanted to ignore her inconsequential tweet, knowing that it was meant to agitate and not something helpful in dealing with the country’s health crisis.

Lopez can’t help but ask why an inconsequential tweet from someone like Anne merited prominence and getting magnified by the media?

Lopez said that he wanted to call out Anne via an open letter because he was getting fed up with someone as intelligent as Anne and humane would allow herself to be used for agitation propaganda?

Lopez asked if seriously Anne does not know there are plans put into motion by the Duterte government? He remarked that Anne surely knows about such plan but merely feigning ignorance.

At this juncture, Lopez accused Anne of inventing this narrative since she had to play along with the forces who are out to put the government in a bad light so as to weaken its mandate.

Lopez cajoled Anne to confess what plans she was really asking for because as far as Lopez is concerned, the government laid out the the plans along with the announcement of the ECQ measure in NCR plus, like needed health and safety protocols in public transportation, and public places, and the restricted movement and gathering, curfew plus the acceleration of vaccines to include senior citizens, the heightened use of antigen testing, and the social amelioration component.

Lopez insisted that these are plans to contain the surge which he proudly said that even rich countries copied and some even decided that they needed a longer period.

Speaking of amelioration funds, Lopez mentioned that the government immediately released P22.9B directly to the LGUs to help the affected families.

Lopez also informed Anne that the Duterte government has already put into motion the National Deployment and Vaccination Plan. Lopez went on to accuse Anne that the one reason she came home is because she knows we have a better vaccine rollout than Australia which he said is all over the news because the Federal Government bungled the rollout plan. According to Lopez’s research, Australia has only administered 670k doses, even after starting the rollout Jan 25. The Philippines has already administered 739K starting March 1) (See article published by the Sydney Morning Herald entitled “How did Australia go from a country with no cases to one that can’t get its vaccine rollout right?” written by Rachel Clun, dated April 3, 2021)

Lopez, sounded exasperated, asked Anne what kind of plans are she was looking for. He said this is where it becomes really dangerous. Why? Because by allowing herself to feign ignorance of what the government is doing, she may think that she is just doing your assigned role in simply undermining the administration’s Covid-19 response efforts.

In other words, if Anne thinks that her tweet is simply a role play to please her masters, she must think again. Because what she is doing is recklessly putting Filipinos in harm’s way.

Lopez explained: “You are enabling the surge Anne, with this misinformation. Because if you are making it appear that there is no plan, you are telling people to go about their own lives, because there are no measures in place. Your tweet is misleading people to believe that the government does not care, so why should they start caring for others?”

And added: “Your highly irresponsible tweet is empowering the people to ignore and violate the protocols, because you are telling them there are no such things in the first place.”

Lopez expressed his frustrations at Anne for allowing herself to become part of the narrative of the enemies of the government.

“Do you get it? I know you do… And frankly, I am disgusted that you allowed yourself to become part of this recklessness, fear mongering, and destabilization.”

Lopez remarked he wanted to give Anne a benefit of the doubt because the Anne he knows in the past is a complete opposite of her persona today.

“I wanted to give you the benefit of the doubt, especially knowing how you have displayed a more mature disposition before, and also quietly helping those in need.”

However, he cannot let her tweet pass because her involvement highlights the issue of showbiz personalities being hired as cannon fodder to attack the President and his administration.

“But I cannot really let this pass, because your involvement brings to fore the issue of entertainers now being used as cannon fodder to attack the President and his administration.”

In the end, Lopez expressed his disappointment at Anne because he thought she was different than the other anti-Duterte showbiz personalities but turned out, she is cut from the same cloth.

“I really thought you would be different. Alas, as it turned out, you are no better than the rest of them. What a shame.”


Source: Mark My Word by Mark Lopez

Dear Anne Curtis, The truth of the matter is that I wanted to ignore your tweet, considering that it is obviously meant…

Posted by MARK MY WORD by Mark Lopez on Saturday, April 3, 2021

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