Disappointed lawyer fan of John Arcilla teaches Heneral Luna actor basic guide questions to understand democracy

If you have been an avid observer of Philippine politics on social media, particularly in the national scene, you will have already know how vocal John Arcilla, famous for his lead role as Heneral Luna, is for his anti-Duterte stance since day 1.

So when he was interviewed by ABS-CBN and asked his opinion on the kind of leader Filipinos will choose in the next election, John Arcilla responded: Ang dapat malaman ng Pilipino – ang nakaupo ay tagapaglinkod, hindi hari, hindi amo. The truth every Filipino must know – the one in power is a public servant, not a king, not a master.

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On that note, Atty. Ahmed Paglinawan aka AGP of the Luminous has taken to Facebook to ask two questions to the very popular actor, which he called basic guide questions to make John Arcilla understand the essence of democracy.

You may read the orginal FB post below now.

I like this guy.

Which is why, instead of burning his ass, I’ll just ask him two questions.

Here they are:

Mr. Arcilla, you are older than I. You have been a witness to this world’s politics longer. How do you tell the people to vote for those who ought to be voted for?

And if the majority of the country’s citizens voted for people who are not in your list of deserving candidates, what will you do about it?

These are basic guide questions for you to understand what democracy is.

Learn it.

Netizens have mixed reactions on Atty. Ahmed’s free lecture of democracy to actor John Arcilla, but majority of which are in favor of the former.

The problem with Filipino celebrities. BIG HEAD . All of a sudden they are now an authority concerning politics. Just stick to acting and entertainment, please. We have a saying, “ni siquiera eres una mancha en mi ropa interior”. Carajo, noted a netizen.

Some netizens refused to hold their punches in rejecting John Arcilla’s opinion/sermon.

If yellow minds see Duterte is reigning like a king, we the majority, don’t see that way. Duterte protects us, working for us. You go your way, we go our way. We aren’t divided by half, there is a majority who supports this government, there is also a group of confused individuals which are few. There is another group who are decided not to give up their agenda, stayed loyal to their own king, but it’s alright, that is still democratic. We both stay on what we believe in, there’s no right or wrong. But remember, majority rules and losers are just noisy.

Mr Arcilla gusto ko nga e na mag asal hari si Duterte kasi bagay sa mga Pilipino na puro masasamang ugali at matitigas ang mga olo na di marunong mag abide sa LAw.. pero si Arcilla!! di nya alam na ang natatawag na King dito sa Europa e mababait man sila ganun din sa Jordan at iba pa dyan…anung Hari ? Hari sa old Testament? Arcilla mag study ka nga🤣

It feel sucks when artist are too bias on their political beliefs.. We don’t have perfect administration but at least it is better than the previous one.. Magaling sa PR sila kaya natatakpan ang mga negative issues sa knila.. Look at the US right now.. Napakadaming nag endorse na artist kay Biden at naka align sa knya ang media.. At ano ngayon ang nangyayari db.. Kailangan natin pakinggan at timbangin ang mga bagay na nakikita natin.. Magising tayo na walang perfect sa mundo.. Lalo na sa pulitika.. Tipong mantsa yan na matagal na panahon tapos lalabahan mo kht anong lagay mo dyan na pampaalis kung kapit na kapit, mawawala man bahagya ang mantsa pero may matitira pa rin marka ng mantsa.. Parang gobyerno din yan.. Mawala man ang ibang pasaway may maiiwan pa rin.. At least iilan na lng kaysa dati halos lahat problema ng bansa..


Source: Luminous by Trixie Cruz-Angeles & Ahmed Paglinawan

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