Disappointed self-confessed fan of Herlene Budol reacts following her Karen Davila interview – “I’m afraid baka ma Rabiya siya”

A self-confessed fan of Herlene “Hipon” Budol is quite disappointed with the comedienne and beauty queen (runner up) following her emphatic statement that historian is the truth and Marites is a lie.

Tio Moreno, social media influencer and political blogger, confessed that he just finished watching her interview with Toni G and what not.

Moreno remarked, perhaps out of frustration, that he can attest Herlene Budol is indeed weak intellectually.

Moreno could only wish that Ms. Herlene Budol won’t allow to be used by local media. Otherwise, he feared Ms. Herlene will suffer Rabiya’s fate.

What happened to Rabiya then? Well, she criticized the Duterte administration and the DDS returned the favor and criticized her online which got into her skin obviously. She did not do well as expected and ended up among the Top 21 candidates in the Miss Universe contest.

Tio Moreno’s remarks elicited mixed reactions from his FB followers.

Here are some of the comments from netizens echoed Tio Moreno’s sentiment Ms. Herlene Budol.

i like her also pero to be honest nahihinaan ako sa appeal niya. At nahihinaan din ako sa kukote niya, commented one netizen.

Not the sharpest tool in the shed, wrote another.

I’m afraid, too! ☹️ said another.

Meanwhile, not all netizens seemed happy with Tio Moreno’s harsh opinion on Ms. Herlene Budol.

Mr. Tio please try to evaluate yourself🥰 remarked one netizen.

This netizen defended Herlene Budol from Tio Moreno’s unflattering remarks.

Tio, may point naman sya. Di lang sya talaga magaling magsalita. Grabe ka naman magsalita sa kanya, parang kakampink ka sa part na yan hahahahah

Here ‘s the original FB post of Tio Moreno.

Favorite ko po si Herlene Hipon Budol 🙂 In fact, I just finished watching her interview with Toni Gonzaga. Followed her on IG. Supported her during the BBP pageant.

Pero totoo pala ang chismis na mahina talaga utak niya.

I hope hindi siya magpapagamit sa media. I’m afraid baka ma Rabiya siya. 🤡


Source: Tio Moreno

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