Dismayed British national joins Filipinos in condemning people behind “Welcome to the Philippines, Province of China” tarpaulin stunt

British national Malcolm Conlan couldn’t hide his dismay of the people behind the “Welcome to the Philippines, Province of China” tarpaulin stunt.

Conlan, a vocal Duterte supporter on social media described the tarp stunt whom he blamed to the opposition “ridiculous”.

An obviously irked Conlan lashed at critics whom he believed were actually agitating the public to forced Duterte to make an aggressive approach like going to war in dealing the Spratly Islands dispute with China.

Like President Duterte, Conlan believed that money is better spent on education, feeding the homeless, healthcare and other important spending needs.

Conlan noted the Philippines lacks infrastructures, particularly investment in Mindanao, long neglected in previous administrations.

He said it doesn’t make any sense that Manila, home to many billionaires in the country has good facilities, trains services, many shopping malls, even new districts like the Fort, yet other parts of the country do not.

Conlan believes that via the Build x 3 initiative new train services across the country, airports, bridges and roads will be built.

New infrastructures will attract more foreign investors, increased tourist arrivals and a better life for the Filipino people.

Conlan said the Philippines cannot do that without investment, grants and yes, loans. But if this means a stronger, more competitive and better Philippines, then this is a must.

Meanwhile, Conlan remarked that being friends with any country is a non-issue and this is exactly what President Duterte has been doing, engaging other nations for the benefit of the Filipino people, ALL people, his haters included.

Conlan remarked if Duterte’s critics think they can do a better job, he welcomes it.

Conlan reminded critics that President Duterte simply inherited the mess regarding agreements with China from previous administrations, now he has to fix it for the good of the Filipino people.

Before ending his FB post, Conlan dared the people responsible for the tarpaulin stunt to work with the President to support the Philippines and Filipino people, instead of adding more burden on the tax payer by wasting manpower resources to remove those eyesores in our streets.

Netizen Roynald Abon warned that these people may bribe corrupt Chinese generals to attack the Philippines and make Duterte abd Xi Jin Ping look bad and feared that could herald World War 3.

“next time, they( the liberals & cohorts of loida lewis & George soros) will BRIBE corrupt Chinese generals to attack the Philippines just to make Pduz & xi jin ping look bad & could start wolrd war 3 if not prevented in advance. 😉 masyadong advance mag isip ;)”

Richard Concepcion Inés suspected someone from UP might be the culprits.

“The place (footbridge at Philcoa) is near to UP. Spot on.”

Dulce Cabulanan agreed with Conlan that the opposition must be behind the tarpaulin gimmick.

“Lahat gagawin ng opposition pr mk balik sa puesto mga gahaman sila”

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