“Do senators understand that insurgency is political warfare?” – Parlade to senators telling him to stop meddling in political affairs

On Facebook, NTF-ELCAC Spokesman Lt. Gen. Antonio Parlade complained that some senators have accused him of bringing shame to the AFP, which he serve for 37 years now. However, the general obviously reads the comments of netizens and says that based on their responses, they disagree with these senators.

“Some senators have accused me of bringing SHAME to the AFP, the institution I serve for 37 years now. From the responses of our netizens, they see it differently. I could be wrong.”

The brave general laments that some senators want him to stop meddling in political affairs because it is not part of his mandate. As per Sen. Ping Lacson’s comment, “Gen. Parlade keeps on making commentaries on things he does not understand. Lacson wants Parlade to resign and focus on just fighting insurgency and terrorism.”

On that note, Gen. Parlade returned the favor and asked the senator whether they understand that insurgency is a political warfare? Parlade wondered if the senators think that merely killing the rebels, without exposing where these termites thrives is the solution? The general sounded confident that the NTF-ELCAC us about to exterminate the mother queens via a program called BDP.

Unfortunately, before they could deliver the coup de grace to the mother queens, the NTF is being told to stand down by the OWNER of the HOUSE (Senators). The general urges netizens to go figure because he smells something fishy.

“Some wants me to go back to fighting the insurgents instead of engaging in politics. Do senators understand that insurgency is political warfare? Do they really think killing the rebels, without exposing where these termites thrive, is the solution? NTF ELCAC is about to annihilate the mother queens, with a package of program called BDP. Now the NTF is being stopped by the OWNER of the HOUSE. Something smells fishy. Go figure.”

General Parlade’s statement in response to senators who blocking the efforts of the NTF-ELCAC to do its job of finally delivering the final blow to the communist insurgency in the countryside has been met with overwhelming show of support and appreciation, judging by the comments of netizens below.

“Go sir, we all support you.. they aren’t the owner of the house, they’re only the current tenants and soon will vacate their positions and you, you stay where you are with the Filipinos behind you xx”

“Gen Parlade is more credible than some senators. What the general is doing cannot be done by these senators because they have to suck up to various people’s political beliefs to gain votes. Our people have seen and suffered enough and know who not to vote.”

“Don’t worry Sir. Most people know you are serving our country well. Most people also know that these idiotic Senators are spending 15 Billion of people’s money on a USELESS Senate Building”

“Thank you gen. Parlade for exposing the stupidity of some senators and the duplicitous behavior of some congressmen. Please continue your endeavor with the NTF-ELCAC. We strongly support you.”

“Sir…. i am an ordinary senior citizen….Havin gone thru several PREsidents and administration already…. but during PRRD’s time, i can see how determines he is in fighting this local insurgency and the creation of NTF ELCAC Is one proof….You, Mam Lorraine and the rest have been sacrifing a lot for its success… and the way things are…. we are winning…..Hang on…. hold on Sir pls… not just for PRRD but for us… for our beloved Philippines!!!”

“The NTF-ELCAC opened a can of worms po, General. You’ve unmasked the people conspiring w/ the CPP-NPA-NDF and ruined their business. The only reason communist insurgency fostered over the last 52 years is because the liberal left never really wanted to end it. May pera sa giyera and that is a known fact. They never expected that a patriotic general would be willing to take them head on. Tingin po kasi nila eh mga untouchables sila at ngayon eh nasagasaan niyo ang negosyo nila at ego. 🇵🇭🙂#SupportNTFELCAC#IStandWithGeneralParlade

This netizen wants Parlade to run for senator after he retires.

“Sir please run for senator next year. We are here to support you.”


Source: Antonio Parlade

Some senators have accused me of bringing SHAME to the AFP, the institution I serve for 37 years now. From the responses…

Posted by Antonio Parlade on Tuesday, April 27, 2021

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