Do some soul searching — TraveLife magazine publisher to Dilawan supporters on seeing photos of BBM-Sara caravan on a Pink Wednesday

Do some soul searching…

This is essentially the well-meaning message of Christine Cunanan, publisher and editor of the TraveLife Magazine to the supporters of the Dilawan/Kakampink candidate to reflect whether what they are doing or not doing for crowds to turn out in this manner for the son of someone they have been calling a dictator. And if I may add, son of a plunderer or thief.

Cunanan appealed to the Dilawan supporters to take this as an opportunity to go back to the drawing board and stop calling themselves the good in the fight of “good versus evil” instead of shooting or cancelling the messenger outright because that’s what they do.

Cunanan’s FB followers jumped into the comment section to share their thoughts on her message to the Dilawan.

Exactly. If they have done so well for the past 3 decades, a Marcos will not be able to come back to reclaim the highest seat. I’m no BBM supporter. This isn’t something I wish to see. But that freaking opposition party screwed us all just the same, but even worse, at the guise of being the good ones. The past 5 years was a drastic improvement to the past 3 decades, and they refuse to see it.

Soul searching and reality check, I doubt if they ever will…these people seem to live in alternate realities…🙄

The Storyline of their Campaign is Good Vs Evil ! If you vote for LENI your good and your ally with the Priests and the Church but if vote for BBM your evil and Bad ! Hahahahhahaha ! What a Storyline ? 😂😂😂

Meanwhile, this self-confessed Leni supporter acknowledged that BBM-Sara caravans are indeed crowd drawers.

Another Dilawan supporter expressed confidence that Leni will pull another upset win over Marcos.

wala olats pa rin Yan. Leni lost in NCR in 2016 Pero the rest of the country made Marcos Jr eat dust heheheThe same thing will happen in 2022, mahahati ang boto Ng Marcos, Isko and PacquiaoLeni will surely get 18M votes

Solid leni ako pero grabe ang daming tao!!!You can be the greatest. You can be the best. You can be the kingkong bangin on your chest…standin in the hall of fame , and the world will know your name…cause you burn the brightest flame!!!

You may now read Christine Cunanan’s original FB post below.

Seeing photos like this for #BBMSARA2022 on a #kakamPINKwednesday, of all days, some people supporting another candidate should do some soul searching as to what exactly they are doing or not doing, for crowds to turn out in this manner for the son of someone they have been calling a dictator.

Again, instead of shooting the messenger or downplaying the message, as they are so fond of doing, they should take a reality check and stop calling themselves the better ones in the fight of “good against evil” and continuously patting themselves on the back.

PS: This is an observation and not a post to promote one candidate over another. But one political party is having a fiesta about the future while another political party is invoking the name of God and all the saints while slinging mud and throwing everything including the kitchen sink at their opponent. The irony of this situation is too interesting not to write about.



Source: Christine Cunanan 

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