Do you agree with former military official’s recommendation to shut down or better yet, abolished Congress?

A former coup plotter and military adventurer who is now supporting the Duterte government wants Congress shut down or better yet, dissolved now.

Abe Purugganan, now retired from his military adventurism days, has been calling Duterte to declare a revolutionary government out of frustration with our corrupt politicians, so that the President has a fresh start in reforming our rotten system.

Let us read Purugganan’s post below.

Let us SHUT DOWN Congress! Or better yet, ABOLISH it!

Congress is one rotten, stinking, and shameful system that does not deserve to exist another day. We dont need them. We have a lot of laws and there is no need to make new ones.

They are a waste of taxpayer’s money, our money. They are too much of a burden. We spend a budget of P14 billion a year for them for nothing. We give them a pork to steal of P200M per senator and P70M per congressman. These money can be better given to our less fortunate people.

Congress should be the first unit of government to be shut down when a revolutionary government is declared.

Netizens seem receptive to Purugganan’s sentiment, based on the comments on his post.

Melvin Mendoza wrote: “Correct sir.. Anong pakinabang ba ng pork barrel na yan sa kanila..if they r thinking of project mayron nmng gobernor or mayor to do that..doble2 lng gastusin ng goberno..Dapat lng sa kanila gumawa lng ng batas..if wla talagang pork barrel solve lahat ng problema ng pinas.”

Audrey Kirsten remarked: “Abolish congress and change by SCHOLARS, a 3yr mandatory service of a Law Graduates from all State Universities to legislate laws With a minimum salary of ordinary employee. It will surely eradicate corruption for they cannot extend term, no more election and our country will save billions.

Other law grads from state universities shall serve as PAO and special legal division to assist our Police Authorities in their legal cases.”

Dexter Garado joined Purugganan’s call as well. “Yes abolish congress and senate! They are the primary negative example when you talk about corruption, a valid reason for others to be corrupt also among the lower level government officials. Negative influence! Legislation is not their purpose in running for congress but for the pork barrel and other ifinancial ncentives. Duterte can never eliminate corruption as long as the Congress exist!”

Do you agree with the OP’s sentiment?

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