Do you agree with Jay Sonza that this photo release from Team Leni Robredo is the most OA, pathetic looking?

An apparently irritated Jay Sonza lashed out at the photo of Leni Robredo sitting in one of the public benches in a park in New York City where her family is spending a vacation after attending the graduation of Jillian, her youngest daughter.

In the photo, Robredo can be seen sitting alone, staring aimlessly while a Target reusable grocery bag was resting on one lap and the designer bag was resting on the other.

In the Facebook post, Sonza remarked that while almost everybody have already move on from the election fever, Robredo and her allies are still refusing to follow suit.

Sonza said that of all the photo release of Team Leni, this photo is the most OA.

Sonza described the photo as pretending to grumble to the max but in reality, she is busy playing tourist and going shopping in New York City.

Sonza spoke from personal experience as a 6-time visitor of New York City, he swore he had never seen a Filipino who sulked like this in the park.

Sonza ended the brief FB post saying the photo release of Leni Robredo as an overkill to look oppressed.

You may read Sonza’s brief FB post now.

Lahat halos naka-move on na. BUkod tangi siya at ang mga kampon ni Joma Sison ang hindi pa.

Sa lahat ng photo release nG Team Leni, ito ang pinaka OA sa lahat.

Iyong kunwari nagmamaktol ng todo-todo, pero panay naman ang gala at shopping sa NYC.

Sa totoo lang, the six (6) times i visited New York City, wala akong nakitang Pilipino na nagmumukmok ng ganito sa park.

Sobrang paapi ang pakodak ni Mama Pink.


Source: Jay Sonza

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