Does Bianca Gonzalez sounds virtue signalling to you while sharing her worries on parenting in today’s world of technology & disinformation?

TV host Bianca Gonzalez reflected on being a parent and the Kapamilya talent said that while she was looking at her kids, she can’t help but worry about the world of technology and disinformation they are growing up. How can we (parents) teach our children what is right and wrong, that they can be remain strong in their principles even if when sometimes it is the toughest choice, to learn to listen, to respect and remain open to other beliefs but never forgetting that what is right is right and what is wrong is wrong.

On that note, International Relations expert Sass Rogando Sasot answered to Bianca Gonzalez’s questions on how to raise her children in today’s world.

According to Sass Sasot, the answer is simple to her questions: Teach her children how to work hard. Once they learn how to stand on their own feet, they could face the world with courage and discernment.

Sis, simple lang kasagutan dyan: Turuan mong magbanat ng buto mga anak mo. Once they learn how to stand in their own two feet they could face the world with fortitude and discernment. The world is a mess. It has always been a mess since time immemorial. The world we know today isn’t different from before. It will not be different tomorrow. In the end, you only have yourself and your faith in whatever you call the divine.

Meanwhile, radio host and Column writer Mark Lopez isn’t surprised with Bianca Gonzalez because she is a Kakampink after all whom he described in 5 phrases:

May misguided sense of righteousness
Feeling nya sya lang ang may moral high ground
Feeling Disente

Here are some of the reactions from netizens.

One netizen commented to tell Bianca Gonzalez that world is and will never be perfect. Polar opposites exist and she can’t do nothing about this but adapt to the world she lives in and not the other way around.

The world will never be perfect. It is meant to have a balance. BBM and LeniUniteam and Kakampink, Good and evil, Just and unjust, Rich and poor, Morally deprived, and righteous. The world is unfair. Suffering exists. Life sucks. Leche, anong parenting drama naman eto? It’s you dear who needs to change not the world for you, you process it in a good way. Peace sign ala Taylor!

A second netizen even wrote a longer response to the question posed by Bianca Gonzalez to the internet.

Answer: YOU CANNOT. Ikaw mismo, hindi mo alam kung ano ang tama at mali. Ikaw mismo, hindi marunong mag-filter kung ano ang fake news at hindi. Ika nga sa Bibliya – “One blind man cannot lead another one..”. The problem with you pinklawans is that you do not know the meaning of respect and acceptance. You continually see yourselves as holier-than-thou and that those who do not share your myopic point of view are inferior and incapable of discernment. Do not insult us, more than 31 million Filipinos, by calling us trolls and that our judgment is lacking. On the contrary, we have learned from experience never to trust those people who have actually raped and plundered our country for decades; the real wolves in sheep’s clothing. We have seen the machinations and narratives of the liberals, the yellows, the pinks, and the communists. No amount of fake news will convince us to believe in your twisted version of history again.


Source: For the Motherland – Sass Rogando Sasot

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