DOJ employee claims he ran errands for de Lima depositing millions to driver’s bank account

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A DOJ employee claims he ran errands on behalf of de Lima depositing millions of pesos to her driver’s bank account in a submitted affidavit.

According to the article posted today in the Philippine Daily Inquirer, DOJ employee Jonathan “Jong” Caranto, “had executed an affidavit against De Lima claiming that she had instructed him to deposit millions of pesos to the bank account of Ronnie Dayan.”

The new development in the de Lima-Dayan saga was announced no less than the current Department Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre III in a press conference today.

DOJ Secretary revealed that another witness, identified by media reports as Edna “Bogs” Obuyes submitted an affidavit as well implicating de Lima in the multi-million deposit scandal.

Binibigyan daw sya (Caranto) ng pera ni De Lima para ideposit dun sa account ni Dayan.

However, Senator de Lima belies the accusation made Jonathan “Jong” Caranto in his affidavit and accused Duterte’s men of coercing people to turn against her.

But the DOJ Secretary insists that no arm-twisting tactics involved.

Merong affidavit, walang pumilit sa kanila, voluntary.

Aguirre said the two are willing to undergo a lie detector test to prove their accusations.

However, the DOJ Secretary admits that linking de Lima and the bank account belonging to Ronie Dayan has not been established yet but they are working on it.

But he assured the public that the bank account attributed to Ronie Dayan has already been established.

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Source: Philippine Daily Inquirer

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