DOJ lawyer blames Manny Pacquiao why President Duterte now showing interest re tax evasion case

“Pacquiao basically provoked a fight with the president as his path to the presidency.”

In other words, Pacquiao asked for it by thinking that picking a fight with the President is his ticket to Malacanang in 2022.

Canete admitted that Pacquiao’s strategy was viable had he put in place a plan to execute it. But it turned out he didn’t have a plan because he did not a good follow through. Worse, he left for the US, leaving the public hanging in the air.

“It was actually viable as a posture. Unfortunately, he didn’t have a plan to go after it. He failed to provide a good follow through. It was specially stupid to leave after he did it.”

Worse, the Opposition did not take Pacquiao’s bait to pick up where he left off because they already got smarter and refused to get itself used specially after taking into consideration what happened to Pacquiao’s allegation vs DOH.

“The Opposition is far too smart to get itself used, specially after seeing what resulted after allegations against the DOH came out. Wala. As in walang traction.”

“And now the president counterpunches with Pacquiao’s tax issue, 😉 Fiscal Darwin declared.

As of this writing, Fiscal Darwin’s brilliant read of Pacquiao’s trouble has been a huge hit among his loyal followers, generating 2,066 reactions, 89 comments and 64 shares in just 2 hours and counting.

Based on the comments of netizens, Pacquiao is getting no sympathy from Fiscal Darwin’s FB followers. The opposite was even true as they mocked Pacquiao for his troubles now and beyond.

“Sen. Pacquiao’s political career is NOW COLD AS EVER AND DYING if not already dead beyond resuscitation,” said one commenter. To which another replied: “wala na. Tapos na political career nya. Nadamay pa ung notre dame school at university of makati sa katangahan nya. Sumingaw tuloy baho nya.”

“Ang masaklap, pag matalo pa sha kay Spence. Double whammy. Gusto ko matalo sha. Para makatikim nmn ng dagok ng tadhana,” added another netizen.

Meanwhile, this netizen thinks Pacquiao was just a victim of the Dilawan who promised him support but in reality Pacquiao is used as decoy. “sa tingin ko pina asa si Pacman ng mga yellow chuwariwap, akala susuportahan cya sa halalan pero decoy pala cya at intentional yun mga bopols na advice sa kanya para sa katangahan nya sisirain nya sarili nya dahil pag dating ng araw ng halalan iba naman pala talaga ang supportado ng mga dilaw na chuwariwap..”


Source: Darwin Canete

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