DOJ orders NBI to probe prosecutors in Peter Lim, Kerwin Espinosa et al case dismissal over possible violations

“Kapag nakawala yang si Lim at Espinosa, siya ang ipapalit ko. I can review that dismissal order. Nag-amin na nga sa Congress! Why not admit it as evidence against him?”

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A fuming President Duterte was overheard saying these lines when he met SOJ Vitaliano Aguirre recently.

President Duterte was referring to Kerwin Espinosa’s senate hearing testimony wherein he admitted under oath that he was the distributor of illegal drugs in many provinces.

The case dismissal of well-known drug personalities spread online like wildfire, making blood pressures of netizens to blast off to the stratosphere.

Just recently, SOJ Aguirre orders probe vs prosecutors who dismissed drug raps against Peter Lim, Kerwin Espinosa et al over possible misfeasance, malfeasance or non-feasance.

Subject of the probe are Asst. State Prosecutors Michael John Humarang & Aristotle Reyes.

According to Philippine Defense Forum, Reyes has been appointed as a new judge by President Duterte after the resolution of Peter Lim’s case.

I asked Google what malfeasance and misfeasance means and Merriam-Webster has the answer.

Malfeasance is intentional conduct that is wrongful or unlawful, especially by officials or public employees. Malfeasance is at a higher level of wrongdoing than nonfeasance (failure to act where there was a duty to act) or misfeasance (conduct that is lawful but inappropriate).

Meanwhile, the news of President Duterte fuming at SOJ Aguirre has divided public opinion.

Well, that’s as far as the sentiments of the followers of GMA News Facebook page as shown below.

Karen Goco Garcia says: “Staged yan…changed to pl├án b, sigurado riot pinoy kung walang kaso si espinosa.”

Jojo Cantry remarks: “kung aalisin sa pwesto si Wiggy baka maniwala pa ako..pero kung hindi..joke lang yan..wag maniwala🙄”

Juan Carlos Manuel runs to Duterte’s defense amid the backlash: “This is how a leader should act in the case of an erring subordinate. Duterte certainly knows what he’s talking about as he was a prosecutorial lawyer himself for several years before becoming Davao mayor.

Frankly, subordinates like Aguirre could and should be sacked outright for this atrocious travesty his department did. I really had little faith in the DOJ secretary and the SolGen would make a better DOJ head. I would respectfully suggest Mr. President, to dismiss Atty. Aguirre and appoint Solicitor General Jose Calida in his place and keep these suspects under custody.”

Your thoughts?

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