DOJ prosecutor slams “yellow”supporters for blaming Duterte following JV Ejercito acquittal, crying selective justice; calls them idiots

A DOJ prosecutor called some of the supporters of the Liberal Party stupid, idiots for crying selective justice following the acquittal of JV Ejercito.

In a Facebook post, the DOJ prosecutor remarked, “Let me illustrate an example of yellowtard stupidity…the JV Ejercito acquittal.”

He said the JV Ejecrcito case dates back to former President Benigno Aquino III, prosecuted by an Aquino appointee, Ombudsman Conchita Carpio-Morales:

Here is a case, filed under the term of Noynoy and prosecuted by Ombudsman Conchita. the presentation of evidence terminated before Duterte took office. The Justices of the Sandiganbayan who decided it are Aquino appointees. Wala pang appointee is Duterte sa Sandiganbayan. and don’t tell me nauutusan ni Duterte si Ombudsman. eh kung nauutusan iyan dapat matagal ng sibak si Leila.

The DOJ prosecutor asked how can the JV Ejercito case acquittal Duterte’s fault?

Now some idiots in a thread blame Duterte for the acquittal, crying SELECTIVE JUSTICE daw. Putang Ina. Paano nga naging kasalanan ni Duterte iyan? they can’t explain. basta masisi lang si Duterte. segue on some incomprehensible BS about the drug war as if it’s relevant…AMBOBO AMP.

The DOJ prosecutor ended his post with a recap of his argument…

so RECAP…hindi si Duterte ang nag-imbestiga at nag-file. hindi si Duterte nag-demanda at nag-prisinta sa korte. hindi appointees ni Duterte ang nag-decide. Pero according to the yellowtards, siya may kasalanan kung bakit na-acquit. makes sense?

On December 23, 2016, JV Ejercito Estrada’s acquittal from the graft and corruption case was announced in the major broadsheets.

The case stemmed from an anomalous purchase of high-powered firearms by San Juan City when JV Ejercito was mayor of San Juan City in 2008.  The senator was meted a 90-day suspension from his Senate duties.

According to the article published by the Inquirer, “the graft case concerned the alleged anomalies in the award of the P2.1-million contract to lone bidder HK Tactical Defense System Inc. for the purchase of 17 units of Daewoo K1 5.56mm cal. submachine guns, three units of Daewoo K2 5.56mm submachine guns and 10 units of HK UMP .45 cal. Nato submachine guns.”

“The payment allegedly came from the city’s calamity funds. State prosecutors also said that city officials hastily conducted the procurement process without competitive bidding and questioned why specific brands of firearms were requested,” the INQ article said.

The Fifth Division found Ejercito not guilty as charged.

“The Fifth Division said the specification of the brand and name of firearms “never came from accused Ejercito or his co-accused,” as these were not contained in his request letter. These brands were mentioned in the city ordinances passed by the Sangguniang Panlalawigan instead.”

Atty. Darwin Cañete is a DOJ prosecutor and the author of the Facebook post that is making some buzz among Duterte supporters on social media recently.

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