Donald Trump’s electoral victory dooms Liberal Party’s Plan ICC using Matobato says Sass Sasot

Have you heard of the Plan ICC of the Liberal Party to oust President Duterte?  

The plan ICC of the Liberal Party was bared by blogger Sass Rogando Sasot on November 3 via a Facebook post.

Ang sabi ng lawyer ni Matobato, January or February next year daw sila mag-file ng kaso dito sa ICC. Diosmio. Halatang-halata kung anong hinihintay nila….ang ma-inaugurate ang bagong presidente ng US.

However, the looming Trump presidency changes the political dynamics in favor of Duterte according to blogger Sass Rogando Sasot. Here’s why!

Let me just say that the Plan ICC of the Liberal Party against Duterte will have much more difficulty going forward now that their potential ally, Hillary, lost the elections. So Edgar Matobato, don’t expect to have a political asylum here in the Netherlands.

In addition, blogger Sass Sasot shared another juicy information that should make Duterte supporters happy with Trump’s electoral triumph…

One of the few things that comforts me about a Trump win is that John Negroponte and Loida Nicolas Lewis don’t have the ear of the US President.

Duterte’s intuition earns praise…

Several days ago, Duterte appointed Jose Antonio as our special trade envoy to the United States. Duterte’s intuition must be at work: Antonio is Trump’s business partner in the Philippines.

Blogger Sass Rogando Sasot bared the information recently.

Meanwhile, another blogger named Krizette Laureta Chu called ‘Duterte a visionary’  for appointing Jose Antonio.

She also teased Duterte’s critics in light of Trump’s victory.

Hi, guys, pinapatanong ng Philippine sovereignty: How do you like me now?

‘Nga pala. 3 days ago, Century Properties CEO Jose Antonio–yup, US President Trump’s business partner in the Philippines for Trump Towers–was made Philippine envoy to the US.

Is Duterte a visionary, or is Duterte a visionary?


What is your opinion of Sass Sasot’s revelation? Please share your thoughts by commenting below.


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