Don’t worry idol, the 16M are still MOVING ON unsubscribing you —Irate Davaoeno reacts to Raffy Tulfo calling DDS to move on

An indignant Davaoeno blogger named ALBERTisement has taken to social media to lash at Raffy Tulfo who instead of extending a sincere apology to everyone who found his statement offensive, the latter simply said he has no beef with PRRD and his respect for the president is intact.

In addition, Raffy Tulfo clarified he was referring to ABS-CBN’s 42M subscribers not his who will clash in the 2022 election.

To assuage the angry Duterte supporters, Tulfo said he is not running for vice president in the 2022 polls despite getting feelers from a presidential candidate to be his/her VP tandem.

On Facebook, ALBERTisement wrote:

Naglabas na ng statement ang ‘idol’ ninyo. Kinorek lang na sa Kapamilya ang tinutukoy nyang 42M subs. Malaki daw ang respeto niya kay PRRD blah blah…

What incensed the Davaoeno blogger was Tulfo even threw insult at the 16M voters of PRRD.

…pero ininsulto ang 16M voters ni PRRD? Pano yun, ang labo ha.

ALBERTisement asked that if Raffy Tulfo has a huge respect for Digong, isn’t it also proper that he has more respect for the Filipinos who voted for PRRD?

Kapag malaki ang respeto mo kay Digong, di ba dapat mas MALAKI ang respetong ibibigay mo sa mga taong naghalal?

On Tulfo’s call to the Duterte supporters to move on after his statement, ALBERTisment offered an emphatic response to the controversial multimedia personality.

Move na daw sya at sana mag move on na rin daw tayo. Don’t worry idol, the 16M are still MOVING ON unsubscribing you.

Palusot! This is the general sentiment of netizens to Raffy Tulfo denying he said something that justified the anger of Duterte supporters towards him.

Hey tulfo it turned out you’re not worth following and subscribing! We do not longer believe in you! And by the way, you shall go down the drain along with that nonsense partylist act-cis which us DDS helped get elected for seats in congress. You’ll get to taste the wrath of DDS revenge thís time and the days to come. There’s no second thought and we mean it!

Nagpapalusot! Hindi bobo ang mga DDS! Cguro dapat na huwag nlang manood sa lahat ng vedios nya! Kc jan xa kumikita dba??!

Lumulusot pa eh bistado na! Kahit anong paliwanag nya hindi na mabubura ang kayabangan at pagmamaliit nya sa mga DDS!

Hahahaha hindi biro ano tingin nya sa mga DDS bobo maliwanag pa da sikat ng ataw ahh baka may kambal sya hehehe pabilangbilang pa na may 9 to 10 months hoy Mr Tulfo hibdi kami bobo na mga DDS tulong mo may kapalit pala pero siedie lang sa kita mo gago support kami sa pangulo walang expiration ok di tulad mo.binapabango mo ang mga tao mY plano ka pala nakit di mo sostintohan Ang 10 ka na trabahanti ng abs cbn super hambog mo.


Source: ALBERTisement

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