DOTR Secretary Christine Frasco’s brainchild program “Bisita Be My Guest” draws flak from Duterte and even Marcos supporters. Read why!

A Facebook post politely asking the Department of Tourism Secretary-designate Christina Frasco to drop the name she coined for the program her department will introduce to usher the reopening of Philippine tourism, particularly in Mindanao has been making the rounds online.

The said program which provides monetary incentives to OFWs who can invite relatives, friends and tourists to visit the Philippines has been heavily criticized among Duterte and even Marcos supporters on the Facebook page of radio host Mark Lopez.

Lopez appealed to the Secretary Frasco to scrap the name and better yet, come up with a much better name for the said program.

Lopez said he understands the good Secretary mean well but to call it BBM (Bisita Be My) Guest is just too much, according to him.

Another point raised by Lopez is that the acronym BBM (Bisita Be My) Guest is not only plain speaking and redundant, it is also forced and contrived.

Lopez argued that since we are talking about tourism, definitely it will have wide international exposure. Therefore, the program should focus more on the country not about BBM and should go beyond BBM’s term and continue working regardless who is the sitting president.

Lopez said with confidence that PBBM wouldn’t approve it because it smacks of EPALISM.

Lopez ended the FB post by reiterating his appeal to drop the program name and replace it pronto.

For PBBM’s sake and the country.

You may now read Mark Lopez’s original FB post below.

Naku Secretary Christina Garcia Frasco of the Department of Tourism – Philippines

Huwag po! Please lang, scrap the name please!!!

Maybe you mean well and all, pero to call your latest tourism campaign as “Bisita Be My (BBM) Guest” program is too much!

Mawalang galang na Madam Sec, pero bukod po sa napaka plain speaking and redundant (Bisita na, Guest pa), yung pagpilit na gawin BBM ang acronym ng nasabing toursim campaign eh so contrived and masyado pong pilit.

We are talking of tourism here, and it will have wide international exposure. It should be about our country, and not about the President, regardless of who is the sitting one at the moment.

Si President Bongbong Marcos mismo siguro unang aayaw jan as it smacks of EPALISM.

Please Madam Sec, discard the program name and replace it immediately.

For the sake of PBBM and our country!

Here are some of the comments of netizens below.

I agree, stop promoting the name, its about the PHILIPPINES now not the Marcoses, tapos na Election..!” wrote one netizen.

“OA to the highest level. #EPAL101 commented another.

This netizen said Secretary Frasco’s program reeks of an ass-licking government official. Described it ugly and disgusting.

Huwag naman DOT, and SEC. FRASCO! It reeks of a super-sipsip mentality/attitude by a government official. It’s ugly! It’s disgusting! Only a bureauracy or technocracy that is bankrupt with ideas would implement such a horrible campaign name. You’re not doing BBM and our country good favor/service with that. PLEASE STOP IT NOW! 😡✌👊❤️💚

Another netizen chimed in: Masyadong pilit. Parang camoaign na pang barangay level lang.

Meanwhile, some netizens preferred the old slogan of the DOTR or the current one used in the last 2 admins.

Dont keep changing to the slogan.. keep the WOW Philippines or Its More Fun In The Philippines is okay..


Source: Mark Lopez

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