Dr. Badoy indirect response to Trillanes’ remarks at Duterte’s ‘gusot na Barong’: “Barong mo nga ‘di mo maayas, buong bansa pa”

While it is true that President Duterte does not care whether he looks good in his Barong, the President has certainly scored well in other areas.

This is the sentiment of Dr. Lorraine Badoy on Facebook after critics continue to diss Pres. Duterte’s gusot na Barong and putanginas while overlooking what the President has done to curb corruption under his watch.

Haters are so funny.

They’re twisted up about the President’s gusot na barong and his putanginas, that they can’t see CORRUPTION –you know, the many-headed Hydra that had eaten us up alive in DECADES and stolen so mightily from us so we lived like slaves so the corrupt thieves we called leaders lived like kings AT OUR EXPENSE– no longer resides in Malacañang Palace.

And that the current resident of Malacañang Palace–you know, the one they constantly diss because gusot na barong and putangina–has a baseball bat in his hands and has smashed so many corrupt thieves to pieces and taken them out of office.

Yeah sure, so many still exist. But I can tell you with certainty that a lot of them are cowering under their desks, taking a break from their thievery for MORTAL FEAR OF THIS PRESIDENT.

As for the ones who continue to steal with impunity, their days are numbered.

It’s just a matter of time before the President hears about you and when he does, you’re OUTTA HERE.

“I want the abuse of the Filipino people to stop.”

That’s why the Mayor ran for President.
And why he won. Gusot na barong and putangina and all.

Thank Goddess, there are far more Filipinos who see past appearances and zero in on ability and heart.

I love our President.

If you’d recall, Trillanes criticized Duterte’s crumpled Barong in reaction to rumors circulating online that the President is leaning towards declaring a revolutionary government to fix the ails of the country.

“Sabi ni Duterte kailangan daw nya ng rev gov (revolutionary government) para ayusin ang Pilipinas. Ang sa akin naman, 17 months ka na sa pwesto, wala ka namang naaayos. Pati pagsuot mo ng barong hindi mo nga maiayos, buong bansa pa.”

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