Dr. Gary Sy of “Gabay sa Kalusugan” fame pours out “sama ng loob” vs Kapamilya Network, appeals to big stars & employees to let process of renewal run its due course

Dr. Gary Sy also known as Gabay sa Kalusugan doctor spoke about his bad experience as a radio host of the Kapamilya Network amid its franchise renewal woes.

Sy said that this is the first and last to share his opinion on the ABS-CBN franchise issue. “Ngayon lang po ako magbibigay ng opinion tungkol sa ABS-CBN franchise issue. First & last ito.”

Sy hoped that the big artist, the employees of Kapamilya Network including the other networks to let the process of franchise renewal takes its due course. “Sana hayaan ng mga malalaking artista kasama na ng mga empleyado ng ABS-CBN at ng ibang networks yung proseso na ginagawa tungkol sa franchise renewal.”

Sy remarked that it is normal to feel fear, whoever they are, to lose one’s job or means of livelihood. Sy asked why speak only now when you are directly affected? “Natural lang po na may takot, maski sino man, mawalan ng trabaho o pinagkakakitaan. Pero bakit pag kayo na mismo ang apektado tsaka lang kayo magsasalita?”

Sy asked the big artists to put themselves in the shoes of someone who was fired from his job without due process. Working for the company without receiving benefits. “Ilagay niyo sana sarili niyo sa mga taong tinanggal nang walang due process. Mga nagtrabaho pero hindi nabigyan ng nararapat nilang benipisyo.”

Turned out, Dr. Gary Sy was very emotional about the issue because he was talking about his experience as ABS-CBN talent from 2003-2009. Sy was the radio host of “Gabay Kalusugan on Radio” every Sunday. He confessed he received no salary or allowance from ABS-CBN. Not even gas allowance. “Ako mismo naging biktima niyan noong 2009 sa DzMM (ABS-CBN radio station). Noong 2003 February ako’y naging host ng Gabay sa Kalusugan on Radio tuwing Linggo. Pro bono po. Walang swedo o allowance yan na tumagal hanggang 6 years. Ayos lang sa akin yun kasi may medium ako to reach out sa public para magbigay ng kaalaman pangkalusugan at kasiyahan na rin.”

However, in December 2009, his show was the victim of reformatting and allegedly because of poor ratings will be replace with a showbiz talk show. The news caught him off guard because two weeks earlier, the producer greeted him for topping the ratings in his time slot. “Noong December 2009 ako’y sinabihan na mag last airing dahil hindi raw kasi nagrarating yung program ko at mag-reformat daw sila papalitan ng showbiz talk show. Hindi ako makapaniwala kasi mga about 2 weeks bago ako sinabihan na sisibakin yung show binati ako ng producer na “congratulations dahil number one ulit tayo sa timeslot natin.” Nung sinabi ko yan sa “manager” kibit balikat lang.”

Sy divulged that many people in the network act like they are untouchables or son of god, depending on their connection to the Big Bosses. “Madaming mga feeling anak ng Diyos o untouchable sa loob depende sa kapit sa itaas.”

Sy narrated confronting the producer seeking explanation and requesting to see the ratings survey but his pleas fell on deaf ears out of fear of earning the ire of the bosses. “When I asked the producer bakit ganun and can you show the ratings survey ito sagot niya, ‘Dok sorry alam mo naman wala akong magagawa baka madamay pa ako'”.

Sy said the attitude of the people in Kapamilya is about self-preservation. When they were not affected, they won’t talk. But now that their jobs are in peril, they are now making a lot of noise, suddenly concerned for the thousands of jobs that will be lost if ABS-CBN shuts down. “In short, survival. I truly understand that. Some people will not stand besides you unless they are also affected in the same situation. Kaya sana quiet na lang kayo kung hindi niyo rin naman kayang ipaglaban kasamahan niyo o baka naman utos nila mag-ingay kayo at syempre trabaho lang. Sana konting pagmamalasakit sa kasamahan niyo wag panay pang sariling interest lamang.”

Sy lamented he labored every Sunday without pay, gas allowance or anything. He was never a blocktimer or paid for the airtime. What was he? Told he was a talent, but no talent fee. Considered as volunteer or public service just like Doc Willie Ong. The show was peppered with commercials from big companies. “Again, sa 6 years every Sunday program ko wala akong sweldo, wala akong gas allowance o anuman. At hindi rin ako blocktimer o nagbayad ng airtime. Ano ako doon? Talent daw, pero wala din talent fee. Siguro considered as volunteer o public service (just like Doc Willie Ong sa Salamat Dok). Daming commercials ng program galing sa big companies.”

Sy recalled being called to the Principal’s office, I mean to office of the boss to be reminded to stay easy on topics the sponsors might not like. Told they cannot afford to lose P20M ad placement from the company because they are income generating company. “Tapos pag may topic akong natamaan yung sponsors papatawag ako at sasabihan na hinay hinay lang daw. Halimbawa: bawal soft drinks at wag masyadong kumain ng instant noodles ang mga diabetic (doc sponsor natin ang C at LM); iwasan uminum ng painkiller (doc nagagalit yung…); no oily foods like fries, cheese burger (doc tumawag ang Mc) madaming beses nangyari yan. One time sinabihan pa ako na “Doc remember na income generating company tayo at we cannot afford mapull-out yung 20M monthly ad placement.” In short, maski yung show ko ang mawala.”

Sy said we see a lot of people on TV and even in social media to pretend pubic clamor against press freedom and to get public sympathy. “Daming makikita sa tv pati social media na ang madlang pipol ginagamit para may kunwaring public glamour against press freedom daw and to win public sympathy.”

Sy remarked the issue is not if they are entertained or get their news update from ABS-CBN or TFC. He said he himself watch ABS-CBN TV shows. The bottomline he said is franchise violations. “Hindi naman po issue kung nalilibang kayo o pinagkukunan ng balita ang ABS-CBN o TFC. Ako rin naman nanonood sa mga palabas ng ABS-CBN. It’s about franchise violations.”

Sy appealed to the ABS-CBN peeps to let justice run its course, devoid of emotions. Anyway, the have lawyers to defend themselves. “So let them be heard sa court without emotions but in full fairness. Hayaan niyo silang sumagot at madaming magagaling na lawyers yan to defend them.”

Sy ended the FB post with a reminder that in the eyes of God, we are all equal. “Laging tandaan na pantay pantay lang dapat tayong lahat. Mga anak tayo ng Diyos.”

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Source: Dr. Gary Sy

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