Duterte ally lashes at Poe’s camp for claiming Davao City campaign rally aborted, sabotaged by rival

A close Duterte ally lashed back at the Poe-Escudero camp for claiming a campaign rally on February 25th at the Duterte heartland was aborted for failing to get a permit.

Duterte versus Grace Poe

Duterte versus Grace Poe

Peter Tiu Lavina, the brain behind behind the social media blitzkrieg of Mayor Rodrigo Duterte chided the camp of Grace Poe for fabricating a lie, apparently to win some sympathy and hopefully win the Presidency via one of these tactics.

Lavina offered an explanation in his post to shed light on the unfortunate development and wrote:

The truth is someone from their camp went to the City Government to apply for a permit. The permit requires a payment of a token P150 and needs a clearance from the Traffic Management Office. The person did not return to fulfill the requirements and did not pursue the application.

Mr. Lavina lamented that the Poe-Escudero tried to squeeze something of the incident to get some mileage from the media which is not totally surprising in politics.

Now, they are trying to make it appear they were being discriminated or not granted a rally permit for partisan political reasons.

Obviously irked by the ill-advised ploy of the Poe-Escudero camp, Mr. Lavina called the Poe antics as pure “laziness.”

Ngek. This is simple laziness. No one is above the law in Davao City and should be in the whole country. Everyone should follow the rules.

According to him, “Davao City is well known to be a bastion of freedom of expression. Anyone can hold peaceful assemblies. Well, even the NPA rebels were able to hold a funeral march in the city streets,” the post reads.

Peter Tiu Lavina ended his post by leaving a scathing remark to prick off the bubble enveloping the Poe-Escudero camp and wrote:

That’s the whole trouble with someone who lacks experience. Grace once held a forum at nearby Digos City and was thrown with a question from a student: “Where do you think you can get a vote when all of us here are for Duterte?!”

Oh no, this is so disgusting. The Poe-Chiz camp is crying foul that their rally did not push through in Davao City…

Posted by Peter Tiu Lavina on Friday, February 26, 2016

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