Duterte bares Fil-Am rich woman behind ouster plot against him

“No need for a coup d etat! God, you are wasting your bullets!

If you think you can help, sabihin mo sa akin, I will appoint you a group of presidential advisers to a Cabinet position or the rank of portfolio but the rank of a Cabinet member, and I will follow your instruction.

This is the message of President Duterte to people who are planning to oust him during the annual convention of the Integrated Bar of the Philippines-Greater Manila Region on Friday evening held at the Manila Hotel.

Duterte’s response to critics who are not happy following his initiatives to talk peace with the communist rebels and Misuari…

Is it wrong to talk to the communist? Is it wrong to be talking to Misuari and embracing him? Eh Moro ako eh. We have been fighting for 40 years. Do you want another 40 years?

Duterte warned massive demonstrations will happen next year with the intent to topple him from power…

Next year, there is a certain financier, mayaman na babae, who married a black American who is now a millionaire, and she is planning to do massive demonstration.  Of those who are with Western persuasion, kung bilib kayo sa Amerika, kung tingnan ninyo nagkautang kayo na loob, please join.

A Duterte speech is not complete without taking a dig at the United States of America whom he said criticized his anti-illegal drugs campaign, but did not conduct an investigation.

Duterte boasted the war on drugs campaign is a roaring success, but the budget for the rehabilitation of drug dependents requires at least 1 trillion pesos.

Duterte said he is setting his sights on kidnapping, which is on the rise lately. Here’s why!

“There is a very low supply of drugs now. But, nag-shift na naman sa kidnapping ang mga (muted) so bagong laro na naman to.  Magtethree weeks, there was 6 kidnappings doon sa Binondo.”

Duterte politely asked the audience if he could cuss and then went on to break on his vow not to curse again.

The President clarified he was merely joking when he said God talked to him on the plane and stop cursing.

Duterte mentioned a woman as the financier of the planned destabilization plot against his government next year.

Politics.com named the woman in a blog post here.

Supported Mar-Leni tandem in May 2016 election…

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