Duterte camp exposes bribe attempt to top radio anchors & link Duterte to smugglers

A post exposing the bribe attempt to top radio anchors in Metro Manila & in the provinces and link Duterte to smugglers is doing the rounds online.

Duterte linked to smuggling by rivlas

Credits to CNN Philippines

In a Facebook post shared more than 1300 times and counting as of Friday afternoon, Mayor Duterte spokesman Peter Tiu Lavina spilled the beans of the media buying frenzy of the rivals of Duterte to link him to smugglers in the country.

In the post, Peter Tiu Lavina thanked the media who valiantly refused the temptations to make oodles of money by peddling black propaganda against Mayor Duterte.

Unfortunately, not all radio anchors have the moral fortitude to resist the allure of money.

The plan is simple: Link Mayor Duterte to smugglers who already made it to the news in the past to make it believable and hopefully, the Filipino voters will take the bait.

How much?

According to the source of Peter Tiu Lavina, the people involved told the top radio anchors in Metro Manila and in the provinces to name their price.

Money is now flowing into the pockets of radio station managers and announcers who were forced to air black propaganda such as the blatant lies that Duterte is involved in smuggling.

The unnamed guy who claimed to be a member of the VACC was exposed today, April 22, 2016, by no less than Dante Jimenez.

The source of the story of the guy?

The source of his story is no more than a figment of his and his master’s imagination. To make it believable, he linked names already in the news as involved in rice smuggling. These are fabrications to misinform our electorates.

“Another lie being pushed to be aired are allegations that the NPAs are harassing people to support Duterte,” wrote Lavina in his post.

The Duterte spokesman wrote that the leftist bloc is supporting another candidate and not Mayor Duterte. The NPAs, Lavina wrote, might even be doing this to draw votes away from Duterte.

“Having failed to stop the momentum of ‪#‎TunayNaPagbabago‬ by their black propaganda, they now want to buy the media,” Lavina further added.

The Duterte spokesman, Peter Tiu Lavina insinuated the instigators have deep pockets to carry this plan out.

No price limit. Where do you think these people are getting their money? Makati’s ill-gotten wealth, Yolanda Donations, Napoles PDAF and Abad’s DAP and BUB. Oh wow, now I believe the Philippines is a rich country pretending to be poor.

Here’s a sample of the black propaganda against Mayor Duterte:

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