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Duterte close-aide reveals 10-point agriculture agenda to make food affordable to every Filipino family

Duterte on Agriculture

Duterte on Agriculture

Manny Pinol, a close confidant of Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, enumerated the 10-point agenda of a Duterte Presidency to make food affordable to every Filipino family.

Credits to Manny Pinol

The aim is to bring down the cost of food in the country during the Duterte Presidency and will provide as a the blueprint for generations and stop the cycle of hunger in the country.

The close-aide of Duterte wrote that the Mayor has observed that the government’s agriculture programs over the years have strayed away from its main task which is to produce food to feed its people.

As a longtime student of Philippine politics, Mayor Duterte shares his insights how poor families in the country are being denied of an affordable food to feed one’s family due to the country’s faulty policy in agriculture.

Over the years, the production of cash crops has dominated the agriculture sector’s activities. We have forgotten that the main task of government is to ensure that food is available and affordable to the ordinary Filipino.

Check out the 10-point agenda of the Duterte Presidency according to Manny Pinol.

With that being said, Mayor Rodrigo Duterte said the days of experimentation in the agriculture will be over. The Filipino farmers will go back to the basics and produce only what the market needs and what the Filipinos consume.

The 10-point agriculture agenda of Mayor Rodrigo Duterte called as the “Back to the Basics” approach in agriculture, spells out that farm production must be guided by the demand of the market, no more no less.

That should make him, according to Manny Pinol, the only Presidential candidate with a doable plan to address the country’s food problem. Do you agree that Presidential aspirant is the only candidate with a good plan for agriculture among the Presidentiables?

What can you say about Duterte’s 10-point plan in agriculture? Is this doable and achievable? Do you have any suggestions to make the Duterte plan more palatable to the general public?

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