Duterte critic Pilo Hilbay attempt to connect corruption under the Duterte admin re super GM Wesley So leaving PH to play for US backfires

Duterte critic Pilo Hilbay has been drawing flak on social media after his tweet attempting to connect corruption in PH sports and in the Duterte admin as the reason PH sports lost a talent in the name of chess super GM Wesley So to the US backfired.

The jeering of netizens at Hilbay started when the former SolGen under the PNoy administration tweeted, “Wesley So represents what the Philippines has to offer to the world. Imagine the potential and the possibilities.”

Hilbay continued: “The story of why he doesn’t carry the Philippine flag is the tragedy that is Philippine sports, corrupted by politics.”

We can imagine Hilbay grinning from ear to ear, in jubilant mood thinking his tweet will whip another storm of controversy against President Duterte and his administration.

But that did not last long after a netizen with the handle Alpha Bravo tweeted: “Wesley So left the Philippines to play with the US in 2014. Time of PNoy. Let that sink in. And connect that to corruption.”

Radio host and blogger Mark Lopez also joined the party and shoved it to Hilbay’s face that his attempt to connect super GM Wesley So departure in PH sports to corruption under the Duterte administration was an epic failure.

On Facebook, Lopez said that So left the Philippines to play for the US occurred in 2014, the same year he was appointed as SolGen by the most incompetent President of the Philippines (PNoy).

Florin Hilbay,

Wesley So switched allegiance to the USA in 2014, when he can no longer stomach the horrible corruption in Philippine Sports.

Yes, that was in 2014.

The same year that you were appointed as Solicitor General of the most incompetent and corrupt President of the Philippines.


Netizen Orion Perez D commented that Hilbay was so stupid and hsi tweet proved that his Boss PNoy was terribly incompetent.

“Stupid Hilbay… He just proved that his boss NOYNOY was a terribly incompetent piece of manure.”

Netizen Prinz Victor posted the statement of GM Wesley So explaining his situation that forced him to leave the Philippines and play for the US Chess team.

“I won the Philippines’ first-ever gold at the Summer Universiade in 2013, which came with a cash reward back home. But at the time, there were two competing sports federations in the Philippines, and they both began fighting over who should get the glory. As a result, they never officially acknowledged my achievement, so I was denied the prize. As I was only 19, I wasn’t powerful or famous; there was nothing I could do.” – Wesley So

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