Duterte explains why Trillanes’ bank waivers remain useless unless Chinese joint partner of the senator agrees

After Trillanes taunted Duterte to issue a bank waiver, the president finally made the time explaining why Trillanes waivers are useless.

Being a longtime government lawyer and knowledgeable about legal procedures, the president is not someone Trillanes could bully around with legalities.

According to him, Trillanes’ bank waivers remain useless since the accounts can only be opened if the co-signer agrees to it.

Confused? Read the post below to understand what the President told the reporters about Trillanes’ bank waivers as told by Abe Purugganan.

After the wake visit, Prseident Duterte entertained several queries from the media.

On the challenge of Senator Antonio Trillanes for the President to sign a bank secrecy waiver to allow the Anti-Money Laundering Council (AMLC) to open his bank accounts, President Duterte advised the senator to find evidence somewhere else to prove his allegations and not get it from his own mouth.

He explained that while Trillanes signed waivers allowing AMLC to look into his alleged offshore accounts with Chinese nationals, the waivers remain useless since the accounts can only be opened if the co-signer agrees to it.

“He thinks that really people are ignorant. ‘Yung lahat ‘yang joint account niya, may partner siya na Chinese. So even if he signs a waiver, if the co-signer does not, walang mangyari niyan. And the bank would never, never name who is the partner.”

Netizen Joel Miguel Cuaresma couldn’t help but poke fun at Yellow supporters. “Calling the attention of yellow supporters who are not familiar with bank Secrecy and waivers. Please read and understand and see for yourselves how you made fun of your own illogical comments.”

Anita F. Arroyo remarked: “Matalino pa ang unggoy sa iyo.Trillanes”

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