Duterte to incoming DA Chief Manny Pinol: “Available, affordable food; no corruption in DA Dept.”

A jubilant yet cautious Pinol announced his appointment as the incoming DA Chief by the presumptive President Rody Duterte in his latest Facebook post.

Credits to Manny Pinol

In a Facebook post shared more than 3000 times as of Tuesday morning, the former North Cotabato Governor declared his surprised announcement as the incoming Secretary of the Department of Agriculture by no less than the presumptive President Rodrigo Duterte during a meeting in Davao City.

The former Governor Manny Pinol said he was quite taken aback by the appointment since he did not lobby for the position despite being one of the ardent campaigner of Mayor Duterte in the social media months before the Duterte phenomenon became an unstoppable force in the social media.

Former Governor Pinol recalled that he had no appointment with the presumptive President Rody Duterte when Sen. Allan Peter Cayetano saw him carrying a conversation with Bong Go. It was then that the Senator called him up and asked Pinol to join their group.

Shortly, former Congresswoman Andrea “Didi” Domingo has been introduced to the reporters by the presumptive president as new head of PAGCOR during the meeting. Subsequently, Mayor Duterte introduced the former Governor as the incoming Department of Agriculture Secretary.

Manny Pinol expressed elated with the appointment as the incoming DA Chief since he said he could now do what he thought is the real job of an Agriculture official in the country: to produce food for the people.

Wow, now I will be able to do what I had long wanted our agriculture officials to do which is to produce more food for the Filipinos and improve the lives of our farmers.

At the same time, the former Governor of North Cotabato who is a successful farmer himself, aside from being a boxing commentator on TV said that the task ahead of him is a challenging one since the marching order from the presumptive president is: “Ensure available and affordable food for the Filipinos,” and “No Corruption in the DA.”

In addition, he expressed sadness that he will be leaving his farm again.

There will be sacrifices to be made like leaving my farm again to the care of people who have worked with me for so long and not seeing my chicken and plants everyday.

He is asking prayers from the people so that he could fulfill the big mission the presumptive president has entrusted him in the next six years.

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SOURCE: Manny Pinol


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