“Duterte is an avenging angel for her whose son was lost because of illegal drugs!” –former gov’t official

While the local media have been going berserk in reporting drug-related killings, the stories of families living with drug dependents remain untold.

Good thing, the social media has provided the likes of Bobby Capco the avenue to share their grief and sufferings while living with a drug dependent family member to lend their support in Duterte’s war on drugs campaign and
counter the black propaganda being waged by groups with vested interests in connivance with the local and international media. For what reason? Your guess is good as mine!

In his Facebook post, netizen Bobby Capco slammed the critics of Duterte’s war on drugs whom he accused of not knowing the anguish and grief that the family, and those others who went through the same experience.

He also castigated the Duterte critics who are accusing the Duterte supporters of encouraging Duterte to become dictator in the making for blindly supporting him in all the agenda he administration is pushing.

Check out the full text of the post below.

My own brother Norberto died horribly, his intestine hanging from his side, from a knife fight with a fellow addict in the busy EDSA strip in front of Malibay, Pasay City years ago. He had been in and out of rehab centers and jail prior to that. He drove my parents to severe hardship because daily, twice of thrice a day, he would steal from my parents, and not enough, he would rob pedestrians passing the busy streets of Malibay. When I was Undersecretary in the Malacanang Press Office, he told police who arrested him that his name was Roberto Capco, my name. He went on PI under that name, until it was corrected by the fiscal. The man who turned him to drugs turned out to be our own cousin. They are both dead now.

You bleeding hearts who hate the anti-drug campaign of President Duterte do not understand the anguish and grief that my family, and those others who went through the same experience. You only read in newspapers and social media how many pushers and addicts have been killed. You only read that many of them were poor. You never experienced what families like us did. I also had my own sins, and I do not claim to be innocent, but people like us who underwent the grief and agony of dealing with a family member victimized by drugs cannot, for the life of us, cannot and would not understand your protest.

We are mocking the law? Isn’t that what the pushers and addicts, who resisted arrest and died fighting the law, did as they peddled their ware and terrorized their families and their communities? What is the real reason why you cannot understand the support we have for President Duterte and his strong campaign against illegal drugs? That we are making him a dictator, and that all the killings are against the law? My mother still carry the scars in her heart for losing my brother that way years ago. Duterte is an avenging angel for her and many other mothers whose sons or daughters were lost because of illegal drugs.

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Source: Bobby Capco


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