Duterte issues stern warning against NAIA police involve in tanim-bala: “Shape up or ship out”

A video of Duterte issuing a warning to policemen involved in “tanim-bala” to stop it or else he will fire all of them has been doing the rounds online.

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In a Facebook post shared more than 400 times as of Wednesday afternoon, netizen Nebcris Silveron‎ published the video in the FB group associated with all things about Duterte’s presidential run.

In the video, Mayor Rodrigo Duterte and soon to be President, issued the warning against the NAIA police during a press conference hosted by the Sonshine Media Network International, TV outfit owned by Pastor Quiboloy.

It can be recalled that the “tanim-bala” issue that hounds the Ninoy Aquino International Airport in the later part of 2015, created a huge backlash against the Philippines as a result of the airport scandal.

The modus of the NAIA police in connivance with airport screeners involves planting a bullet into the luggage of the unsuspecting passenger mostly overseas Filipino workers and foreign nationals.

The idea is to blackmail the victim using the bullet which is illegal in the country’s laws.

To avoid missing their flights, most victims grudgingly pay the syndicate depending on the cash on hand by the victim.

The announcement of the soon to be president has been well-received by netizens who heave a huge sigh of relief upon hearing the good news.

proteksyon sa mga pinoy at foreigner na dumadaan sa NAIA
mag behave na daw yung mga nag tatamin ng bala

Posted by Nebcris Silveron on Wednesday, May 11, 2016


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