Duterte lashes at mayors, governors with multiple police escorts: Kung takot kayo mamatay, eh magsi-resign kayo

After the suspension of Oplan Tokhang, Duterte sets his eyes on local politicians who go around with multiple police escorts.

Duterte said it is high time to implement the Alunan doctrine that allows only 1 or 2 police escorts for every politician.

Duterte laments that this practice is commonly found in Mindanao.

As a Mindanaoan, Duterte knows very well local politics like the palm of his hand.

He said to set an example, he would also go around with 1 or 2 bodyguards securing his safety.

Duterte alleged that for sure politicians in Mindanao who go around with several convoys and fully armed to secure his safety are into illegal drugs.

“Ganito na lang. Pati ako sasali ako. pati ako, I do not need any security. I may go back to the Alunan Doctine. They only allow 1 or 2 security. Mga mayors pati governors, kung takot kayo mamatay, magsi-resign na lang kayo.”

You go around with an entourage of dalawa o tatlong convoy tapos may armas. Lalo na sa Mindanao, I do not want to offend, but its true. Pag ka when you travel with 10 cars, puro armado, halos lahat diyan may droga. And that has been proven time and again.”

Sang ayon ba kayo sa sinabi ng ating Pangulo na ang mga pulitiko ay dapat limitahan ang bodyguard?

Posted by MOCHA USON BLOG on Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The netizens do not welcome President Duterte’s plan of removing his security escorts but many welcome his plan to implement the Alunan Doctrine on local politicians who travel with heavy security escorts.

This practice according to netizens is a bane to our limited police forces, rather done keeping the ordinary citizens secure, the police babysits the politicians.

Do you agree that Duterte will go around without police escorts?

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