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Duterte to new DOJ Sec: “Wage war against the drug lords in the Bilibid Prison”

The incoming DOJ Secretary Atty. Vitaliano Aguirre was a recent guest of Karen Davila & the interview gives us a glimpse of the Duterte presidency.

Credits to Karen Davila of Headstart

So what is President Duterte’s marching order to the incoming DOJ?

According to the incoming DOJ Secretary, the incoming President instructs him to focus on illegal drugs, corruption, and heinous crimes.

The host asks Atty. Aguirre how he plans to solve the drug problem?

The incoming DOJ Secretary replied that he wants to address the loophole in the procedure of handling evidence that respondents in drug cases take advantage to beat our justice system.

Karen Davila posted on Twitter that the incoming DOJ Secretary will strike the very heart of the illegal problem, the New Bilibid Prison.

Atty. Vitaliano Aguirre says that the biggest drug lords in the country continue to manufacture illegal drugs inside the New Bilibid.

The incoming DOJ Secretary reveals that this is possible because the BOC employees are in cahoots with the drug lords.

If you’d recall, the incoming President Rodrigo Duterte has been saying all along that he wants to address the problem inside the New Bilibid Prison like the manufacture of illegal drugs.

You may watch the video below.

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