Duterte remains adamant he is not running for President. But this trick might change his mind & run

Duterte changes his mind and runs for president.

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Thousands of supporters are still hoping Mayor Duterte would jump in and throw his hat into the 2016 Presidential derby, though he has announced twice he is not running for President.

Many Duterte supporters in the social media are still clinging to the tiny thread of hope that the Mayor is simply strategizing in order to get a free publicity without spending money, since the major TV networks are watching his every move. Meanwhile, other Presidential candidates like Mar Roxas has reportedly spent 200 million plus pesos on TV ads to boost his sagging ratings in the survey.

But despite the noisy clamor in the social media and in the ground level, Mayor Duterte remains steadfast in his decision not to run. Have you wondered why?

First, the people has high expectations from Mayor Duterte in solving all the problems of the country.

Mayor Rodrigo Duterte’s greatest fear is failing to live up to the expectations of the people and it will be too painful for the Mayor to even ponder about it.

Check out the blog post here by a blogger from Davao.

Duterte knows his limitations and has admitted it several times in the past. Perhaps he realized that having made it successfully in Davao does not necessarily mean he can also make it successfully in the whole country. Running a city is, so limited in scope compared to running the whole country where he has to deal with a critical Senate and unwieldy Congress.

So do you want to change Mayor Duterte’s mind? Let us not EXPECT TOO MUCH from Mayor Duterte.

Mayor Rodrigo Duterte became famous for his heavy handed tactics in dealing with criminality in Davao City. This Duterte trademark appeals to the people who are tired of the unabated crimes occurring in a daily basis throughout the country.

Here’s the astute observation of the blogger from Davao. Read his post below:

His “methods” in Davao,( if ever there were any), of eliminating crime, can never be applied in a large metropolitan city like Manila.

Precisely. If we expect too much from Mayor Duterte, this will force Duterte to use illegal means to meet the expectations of the people thirsty for the blood of criminals. His fear is this. Read below:

One of the most striking things he told media was the real possibility that the Davao mayor will end up in jail once he wins and becomes the President of the Philippines. “Becoming the President of the Philippines is the easiest and fastest way to go to prison,” he told reporters months earlier, referring to the former presidents Joseph Estrada and Gloria Arroyo who were linked to corruption and convicted by the courts. Duterte knows that human rights cases stacked up against him by various rights groups and even the Justice Secretary De Lima will hound him right up to the doorsteps of Malacanang.

On top of solving the high incidence of crime in the country, many people are convinced that Rodrigo Duterte will solve all the problems in the country like the Muslim rebellion, a communist insurgency, poverty, traffic woes in Metro Manila, smuggling among other issues besetting the country. Mayor Duterte is afraid that these expectations are impossible for a 6 year term President to fulfill plus the fact that he will have to contend with the opposition, human rights activist and all sorts of opposition just to make his job extremely difficult.

Of course, Mayor Duterte has the answer for all of these in one condition. Read below:

All this scenario is crazy and unrealistic and Duterte knows this, which explains why he keeps saying that the only practical way to run this country efficiency is to abolish Senate, abolish Congress and set up a Revolutionary Government to give him a free hand to run the Philippines similar to what a typical dictator does. Maybe like another Marcos.

Do you think his detractors and political opponents will allow him to do just that? Of course not. They will not lie down and simply die.

In addition, Duterte believes that a lot of our problems will be addressed with the introduction of the Federal style of government, especially in solving the Muslim insurgency and the underdevelopment of many parts of the country due to the unequal distribution of taxpayer’s money as a consequence of the present setup of our government.

Perhaps this may even open the way to set up the Federal system of government which he had been openly campaigning all these months all over the country hoping that “putting a face” on a nationwide Federal system campaign will change the way people think about the government— meaning that the current Presidential system of government is a complete failure and that only a Federal system can solve all the problems of this nation. At least this is what the Federalists think today.

Many of Duterte’s supporters are pro-federalism, but the question remains, “Is the entire country in favor of Federalism?” Do you think that the politicians, the members of the academe are in favor of Federal system? Many are not not necessarily against federalism, but since this requires changing our Constitution, this is the point where many people are against for fear that politicians will make changes beneficial only to them.

I hope by now that to avoid putting unnecessary pressure on Mayor Duterte, the people should not expect too much from him since he is not Superman with superpowers.


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