Duterte responds to Trillanes’s dare: Ikaw anong naiwan sa iyo? Hangin pati yabang. Tulisan ka sa totoo lang

Yesterday, Trillanes dared Duterte to prove him wrong about his allegation that Duterte has 2.4 billion pesos in the bank.

In case you failed to watch Trillanes press conference on February 16, 2017, below is the replay.

The same day, as the majority of Filipinos retired to their beds, Duterte appeared on TV to respond to Trillanes dare and made a counter dare.

Duterte also explained how Sara Duterte and Honeylet, his partner, acquired their money legally through hard work, unlike Trillanes, who used his position to accumulate money in such a short time.

Duterte also answered Trillanes jab that Duterte pretends to be poor: My father was a former governor and he had left something for the family.

Duterte then asked Trillanes what had he inherited from his father?

The president, in his poker faced style answered it for Trillanes: Air including his arrogance.

Duterte then called Trillanes ‘tulisan’ or a robber. Read the transcript of Duterte’s response to Trilanes below.

First Trillanes, is on his last term and would have known he has nothing to lose if he would resign from office, which explains his penchant for all daring presidents to resign. He actually has no political career after his term. His term expires in less than two years.

It is known that in the senate that Trillanes uses his office to ask for retainers and that has become a lucrative business for him.

This I can say: If Trillanes can prove his allegation can prove I have amassed 2 billion pesos illegally or if that bank account under my name has a total deposit at one time of even just half a billion, I will resign as President immediately.

This actually an old and rehashed issue. I have answered this allegation before I became president.

The people have already spoken; they have placed me in my office with 16 million votes!

I would advice Trillanes to go to court and file the proper case against me and advised him further to stop opening his mouth when he has nothing to say anyway.

This is amusing how Trillanes came up with his accounting. He even included day to day banking transaction of my partner Honeylet. This just shows his ignorance with regards to the regular banking business. The people who have personal businesses.

He must have also forgotten that my daughter Sarah is a lawyer by profession and that she earns this and that and she has clients that actually paid for her services and not from illegal retainers that Trillanes is so used to doing.

Trillanes, alam mo, yang si Honeylet started her donut business 18 years ago. She supplies meat sa 5 malls dito sa Davao. Sya yung nagsusuply ng karne na baboy. Diyan kalaki ang pera ng babaeng yan. Matiyaga an di kagaya mo na ambisyoso. May mutiny, mutiny ka pa, wala ka naman palang bayag. Taas kaagad ang kamay pagdating ng pulis. Nakakahiya ka sa totoo lang.

Kung pamilya mo gutom noon at ngayon, wag mo kaming isali. Hindi kami kasing malas sa pamilya mo. Di kami mahirap friend. Tatay ko governor noon, may iniwan sa amin. Ikaw anong naiwan sa iyo? Hangin pati yabang. Tulisan ka sa totoo lang.


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