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Duterte said Roxas graduating from Wharton, a myth, Roxas camp responds, “Do your research well”

The 2016 Presidential official campaign period has not yet started officially, but the propaganda war among the Presidential wannabes is getting more intense every day.

Expect this to intensify even more after the unofficial social media manager of Mar Roxas responded to the insinuation that Mar Roxas graduating from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania is a myth just as Mar Roxas said the a ‘peaceful Davao City is a figment of imagination’ of Mayor Duterte.

Carlos Celdran responded on behalf of Mar Roxas of the accusation made by Mayor Rodrigo Duterte that the former’s claim of having graduated from the Wharton School of the University Pennsylvania is a BIG FAT lie. Celdran posted the proof to quash the insinuation that the candidate he is openly endorsing has been making a wild claim and making a fool of Filipinos.

Carlos Celdran posted this on his Facebook Page and wrote,

Um… Excuse me, Mayor Duterte,
Sigh. Can I kindly raise my hand?
Thank you.
You see, ‪#‎Mar2016‬ graduation records are on the UPenn Alumni site itself. This site is in a place called the internet. To once and for all settle the issue, he posted the link for everyone to verify the dossier he dug up.

The articulate Celdran gave Mayor Duterte a piece of advice relative to his research staff.

But I can see where the confusion may have begun. Wharton is not a school on it’s own, sir. It’s part of University of Pennsylvania, It’s their records section that you have to look for. Please, tell your staff to kindly dig a little deeper on the internet next time.

In parting, Celdran posted the pic of Mar Roxas in toga since Mayor Duterte asked for it and wrote the caption below,

And Oh. Here’s his picture with the toga you requested.
Cheers and let’s keep this campaign at a decent level of bullshit please? This is too much na. Too much.
Thank you. Have a great week ahead.
Carlos Celdran

Mar Roxas in toga

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