Duterte says saboteurs masterminded recent killings of minors, including a kin Carl Arnaiz

While speaking before the public in an undetermined occasion in Digos, Davao del Sur, President Duterte made a surprising revelation that the alleged EJK victim is in fact a kin of his.

Duterte paused for a moment to ask Bong Go the name of the relative he was talking about and quickly resume his impromptu speech as soon as he got the name.

Duterte said there are saboteurs in the midst who are out to discredit him and the war on drugs campaign.

Duterte defended the police from allegations that they are behind the spate of killings lately wherein the victims were wrapped with plastics after they were killed.

Duterte said the police are not trained to wrapped dead bodies with plastics.

Alam nyo ang pulis kung magbaril yan, if at all, o sabihin mo extra-judicial killing, pero nagabalot ng…that is not the job of a police to…imo bang balutin. Kalokohan!

PRRD told the PNP Chief who was with him in Digos to probe the killing of one of the alleged victim because he said he was related to him.

Silipin mo ng mabuti kasi sinasabotahe kayo. Sinasadya talaga yan.

Let us check the comments of netizens on social media and see how they react to Duterte’s revelation.

James Gabriel Francis wrote: “Those killing of minors are obviously the “desperate” move of Duterte’s enemies..except people especially those who support Duterte are not naive..we know you yellow shits..you’re still not getting support from us no matter how hard you try.”

Ivan Faith Gregorio remarked: “The President is truly a wise man.. he can see through a Deception.. This killings of minors, is just the same during Marcos Admin, PC killed and tortured students. It was sponsored by oligarchs,, So sad that these minors were used as pawns of the oligarchs just to unseat the President.. I hope some of us had already realized that these killings are Oligarch/Opposition sponsored…”

Lissa Castro Siaga offered an intriguing insight. “From the start, yan na talaga..mas nahalata n lang kc may pattern na…ang dali kasing sabayan ang PNP sa mga drug eradication drive nila,mabuti nmn nahalata n ng Duterte admin. Ang payo lang po sa PNP bantayan nyo yung mga scalawag na pulis, kaya pumapatay yan kc ituturo ng mga drug addicts at pushers…nakakaawa yun mga fall guy😧”

Do you agree with PRRD?

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