Duterte socmed blogger credits OFWs for Duterte’s success in attracting investors, dollars to the country. Read why!

SocMed blogger Krizette Laureta Chu took to Facebook thanking the OFW’s whom she credited for the success of every foreign trip of Pres. Duterte.

Chu remarked that because of the all out support of the OFW’s to Pres. Duterte, foreign leaders and businessmen shows no hesitation in forging business deals and cooperation with the Philippine government.

Chu remarked that Robredo chooses to meet diplomats when she travel overseas because she does not have a huge following to even fill up a canteen.

Chu hopes that Robredo should realize sooner that Duterte has the total and unequivocal support of the Filipinos.

Check out the full text of the post below.

“To the OFWs who take time off from work and go through the trouble of signing up and driving 700 kilometers to see the President, just wanted to say thank you. (Government official? Asawa? Feel na feel? Hayaan ninyo ako, gusto ko lang bakit ba.)

The negative publicity that precedes Duterte is NOTHING compared to the enthusiasm and warmth your host country’s leaders see for themselves, with their own eyes, when you fill the venue to the rafters, when you scream for him, when you wait in line for him, when your employers have to tolerate your absences because of him.

Malaking bagay at malaking rason kung bakit nakakauwi ng malaking halaga si Duterte para sa bayan ang mainit niyong pagtanggap sa kanya.
Sa inyo nakikita ng mga world leaders ng PERSONAL na Duterte has the confidence and trust and support of his country, which is why they can easily and generously pledge investments and yes, seal those deals.

Hero talaga kayo, in all senses of the word.

Kaya ayan, pag si Leni nag tra travel in her many travels, puro diplomats lang ang kinakausap kasi di nya kaya pumuno kahit canteen. Dito nga lang sa BelAir at Cebu, waley. Sana mahismasan siya at ma realize niya na the Filipino supports Duterte at tumigil na siya.

So thank you, OFWs. Pengeng pera.”

Watch the video below and see how the OFW’s warmly receive Duterte in the Middle East.

Posted by Abdullah Fabian on Sunday, April 16, 2017

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