Duterte supporter Noel Sarifa verbalizes worst fear of DDS in case President Duterte appoints Leni Robredo as anti-dr^g czar. Agree or disagree?

Netizen blogger Noel Sarifa expressed his reservation on President Duterte’s proposal or plan to give Leni Robredo the job as head of the government’s anti-illegal dr^g$ campaign.

In a Facebook post published today, 29 October 2019, Sarifa clarified he loved President Duterte’s idea of giving Leni Robredo the authority to combat illegal dr^g$ so that she can showcase her abilities because she has always been critical of the Duterte admin’s execution of the WOD but she never offered her suggestions how to do it better either.

However, like many Duterte supporters, including yours truly, Sarifa feared the Opposition camp and Robredo will connive with the enemies of the government and they will agree to stop the illegal dr^g trade for six months to show to the public that Robredo is an excellent leader and after they can freely criticize the President and that he is useless and no-good President?

Sarifa said that with the help of their allies in the media, they can rally the people, make them turn against President Duterte and call for his ouster? They have done it against Marcos, Erap and Arroyo.

Sarifa added it’s not a matter of if they will do it again but of when will they do it again.

Sarifa appealed to President Duterte not to give them the chance to do what the Opposition are good at, DECEIT! Not making real things but just making it look like it.

Sarifa ended the post by clarifying that no matter what, it’s up to the President to make the call and the DDS like him will have his back.

You may read Noel Sarifa’s original article below.

Though I love the idea Mr. President so that Leni Robredo will be able to show how she will handle the peace and order kasi lagi naman syang nagmamagaling. Madami syang opposition but she never actually suggest solutions, we can see how she would act on this and show the world if she is really capable. If it will be an honest to goodness play, I know she will fail. But cheaters will always cheat. Once a cheater will always be a cheater.

We all know naman na ang mga taong nagpapahirap sa pamamalakad ng Gobyerno ngayon ay kaalyado ng mga opposition. What if they will orchestrate another job will done for Robredo. Kakausapin nila lahat ng mga kalaban sa Gobyerno and ask to stop for 6 months and lets show sa madlang people na magaling si Leni, after that pwede na nating kastiguhin ang Presidente and make him look like wala syang silbi, they will seed anger to the public as they always do, and will ask for another ouster, kakampi nila ang media and leftist, they can brainwash a significant number, they have done it with Marcos, Estrada and PGMA, it will not be a question if they will do it again but of when they will do it again.

So Mr. President, let’s not give them a chance to do what they are good at, Deceit! not making real things but just making it look like it.

But then, you know better than us. Whatever decision you make, we, DDS will always have your back.

What is your comment to this?

Source: Noel Sarifa

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