Duterte supporter responds to people accusing Kian’s parents of sell out: Mga plastic. B^rn in hell forever!

In case you missed the news, Kian’s parents are now singing a different tune after the with meeting Duterte, angering LP supporters, causing them to cry a sellout.

Netizen Abel Legaspi reacted to the delos Santos’ change of heart: “This family wanted change..

Now their son’s death change their lives..
What an irony..

Bumaligtad na si Digong.. kase alam nya malakas laban ng family.. yet dutards still find digong so concerned.. lolz
What will happen now in a sudden change of tides..”

The Facebook page ‘Silent No More’ posted a meme in reaction to news of Kian’s parents meeting Duterte and reportedly leaving the oust Duterte movement who was riding the issue of Kian’s death for their political agenda.

Social media blogger Krizette Laureta Chu, a staunch Duterte supporter took to Facebook taking a jab at Duterte critics who are still reeling with the effects of the knockout blow delivered by Duterte, literally taking the wind out of the sails of the oust Duterte movement from the opposition.

Let us read what Krizette has to say on Facebook:

“Only a week ago Kian’s “poor” parents were “not drug lords” and “brave.” Y’all screamed how noble they are.

Duts met with them, the mom asked for a hug, they did the fist bump, ngayon “mukhang pera” na bigla.
Masama na sila bigla. Sana magdusa sila bigla.

That, bishes, is your very clear proof all you want out of Kian is to politicize his death. You don’t care one whit about his family. You don’t want them to get a negosyo package because you want them to remain poor to fit your narrative. You don’t want to get justice. You only want them to get justice YOUR way. Justice any other way is unacceptable.

Nobody even raised money for them from your ranks. All you want is to use, use, use, and then discard.

Glad Kian’s parents realized they weren’t in good hands with people like you.

Mga plastic. Burn in hell forever for being as bad as those cops who murdered Kian.


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