Duterte supporter’s advice to the president to avoid a repeat of another KADAMAY incident: Follow Singapore’s lead

For sure you’ve heard a lot about “KADAMAY” these days after gaining notoriety for illegal occupying the Bulacan housing units intended for military personnel.

Critics ridiculed Duterte for flip-flopping his stance in the “KADAMAY” issue. They said that the president caving in to the demands of the illegal settlers is setting a bad precedent that may jeopardize housing government projects in the future.

Here are a few comments lifted from the comment section of the PDI article about the housing row in Bulacan involving “KADAMAY”.

“Anarchy is more powerful than democracy. You can get what you want. Due process had been thrown out of the window long time ago,”
a netizen commented.

“This is quite a precedent. Makes you wonderif the President gave this a serious thought or consulted his advisors,” another netizen remarked.

“I want to join KADAMAY and next target either ung Malacanang or ung Forbes Park. This is sending a wrong message, demn communists,” said another Duterte critic.

Meanwhile, Sass Rogando Sasot agreed with the critics of Duterte that the president’s action in the Bulacan housing row involving “KADAMAY” would set a bad precedent.

But, this will not happen if Duterte fixed the low-cost socialized housing.

However, the staunchest defender of Duterte on social media said that Duterte’s decision to turn a blind eye to “KADAMAY’s” illegal takeover of the Bulacan housing is “avoiding violence to erupt”.

Sasot told the government to take a page from the Singapore experience in solving their housing problem and in the end, make them attractive to foreign investors; likewise avoid a repeat of another “KADAMAY” incidence in the future.

“One of the first things Lee Kuan Yew did for Singapore was to build a lot of very affordable housing para maging attractive ang Singapore sa foreign investors. Bakit naging attractive? Kasi nga nawala na ang mga slums na dati’y sobrang dami sa Singapore noong nag-uumpisa pa lang ito (same thing that happened in Hong Kong). That was the advice of Albert Winsemius, the Dutch economist, who helped made Singapore to what it is today.”

“So you want na hindi maulit itong nangyari sa Bulacan? Then follow what Singapore did. The rest are pa-pogi,” Sasot concluded the post.

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