DUTERTE: THE PUZZLE THEY CAN’T SOLVE — Newest sensation pro-Duterte FB blogger Jun Abines

“DUTERTE: THE PUZZLE THEY CAN’T SOLVE”. This is the title of the FB post of a netizen named Jun Abines and perhaps summarizes President Duterte’s 6-year administration while battling the forces who wanted him out since Day 1 of his Presidency.

Abines opened the FB post how the “evil powers” that milked the Philippines dry has underestimated President Rodrigo Duterte, thinking he was a patsy. Of course, Abines called PRRD a genius for stealing the Presidency out of their nets. “In 2016, the evil powers that milked the Philippines dry for 34 years thought that the newly elected President Rodrigo Duterte was nothing but a patsy. Yes, he may have been a genius in “stealing” the Presidential seat out of their “nets” but it was just round one!”

Abines remarked that President Duterte’s political enemies thought the old, arrogant blah, blah is clueless as f*ck. “This ‘old, arrogant and foul mouthed probinsyano’ has no idea whom he is up against, his enemies thought. How dare him challenge the gang of powerful entities and organizations that have been the gods and lords of Filipinos for hundreds of years!”

Abines talked about a conspiracy meeting among church leaders, the Oligarchs, the CPP-NPA, the Drug lords, the Liberal Party and the CIA to add international flavor. “This old crazy man from Mindanao must go before he starts dismantling our alliance and common empire!” That was the common cry of the Catholic Church, the Oligarchs, the CCP-NPA, the Drug lords, the Liberal Party and their minions holding key government seats. Of course the CIA was part of the meeting. He is the veteran and master of them all. They cannot allow this Duterte to ruin the party they have long enjoyed since they grab the powers in 1986.”

Abines revealed two of the strategies implemented by the Oligarchs against President Duterte early in his presidency. “‘Okay, I will make sure all media arms are full blasts in demonizing Duterte. This is peanuts!’ Said the Oligarchs excitedly. “Well, I will test this old man how brave he is and his weakling arm forces. We will orchestrate terrorism in Bohol and Marawi using our newly trained ISIS.” The confident words of CIA. “Better in a hurry. We have all our priests and nuns briefed to attack Duterte in all of our schools and churches” said the impatient Catholic Cardinal.”

Meanwhile, Abines blamed the Dr*g lords for the spate of k!llings of dr*g personalities or their minions to cast doubts on President Duterte’s WOD and his policemen. The leftist groups will marshal their members to flood the streets denouncing the government while the armed members of the CPP-NPA will carry out year round ambuscades of government forces. “‘Hmmm, I have ordered the team to start cleansing our ranks and start killing hundreds of addicts and blame it the policemen. The CHR will love it!’ The arrogant lines of the Drug lords. “Looks like everything is going smootly then. But mark my words, our rallyists will flood the streets and our comrades will ambush government forces whole year round!” The angry remarks of the CPP-NPA.”

In the international front, the overseas-based Oligarchs will take care of the media blitz by enlisting their connections with international media to launch a black propaganda campaign against President Duterte. “The international oligarchs was happy about the meeting and the plan. “Don’t worry boys, We’ll have all our international media, the UN, the US and the EU starting to work on that crazy Duterte” they said. “He will be lucky to survive 2 years! Let’s make it quick and smooth.” The fatherly speech of the international oligarchs.”

When the conspirators were done with the planning and all, they commenced the attack as discussed above. “And so the attack went full blasts! Local and international media worked 24/7. Bohol and Marawi was attacked. All priests and nuns mobilized their minions. Drug addicts and pushers killed every day. Government forces ambushed by NPAs weekly while rallies are done continuously. The international media, the UN, the US and the EU joined the prey.”

Abines remarked that never in history anywhere in the world such simultaneous against a single personality except President Duterte. “No simultaneous attack was ever done by these gangster against a single personality around the world in recent history. Only to see Duterte becoming bolder, stronger and gain more popularity and allies around the world. It was like the movie “Infinity wars” or was it “End game”? Where the hopeless Avengers gets reinforcement in unexpected way.”

But unfortunately for them, President Duterte whom he described as a master boxer gifted with defensive skills of Mayweather and the offensive skills of the combo of Manny Pacquiao and Bruce Lee made them look like a bunch of amateurs. “Duterte like a master boxer gifted with the defensive skills of Floyd Mayweather and offensive skills of Pacman made the enemies look like amateurs. In every confrontations and every issue, he made sure the aggressors tasted his counter punches. He was also like Bruce Lee who throws stinging little kicks and back fists to nuisance enemy like Jimmy “dyakol” Paredes who gets along the way. No one is spared!”

Abines reckoned President Duterte felt the stings and pains caused the offensives launched by his enemies he never showed it while giving his opponents a lesson or two about the art of political warfare. “Surely, Duterte felt the stings and pains. But he never showed it. He scored knock downs after knock downs against multiple opponents. He showed them moves and teaches them lessons never found in the books of political warfare. He must have learned something how to fight the toughest, meanest and baddest elements from his island in Mindanao!”

Abines said 4 years have passed but President Duterte survived all the attacks of his opponents in a manner he described miraculous and fairytale-like. “Its been four years since Duterte become President. He survived all the attacks in a miraculous and fairytale manner. And the world was watching all along via facebook, youtube and other internet medium.”

Abines remarked Duterte’s survival despite the relentless attacks is an inspiration to other leaders. “Duterte’s survival echoes hope around the world. The under dog after all has a chance to win a fight in a real world.”

Abines bared why President Duterte is now sort of imbuing with a sense of invincibility. “So what makes Duterte invincible? He single handedly humiliated the local and international gangster big time in world stage! And he has the world cheering for him!”

Abines attempted to explain Duterte’s lucky streaks by attributing it to divine forces he managed to summon in his favor. “Well, there are forces that exist in this world beyond our understanding. Duterte somehow was able to summon and harness those forces in his favor with a clear conscience, humble heart, pure intentions and noble objectives.”

Abines wrapped up the FB post crediting Duterte’s ascendancy to Malacanang as fulfilling a destiny. “‘Becoming a president is a destiny’. Duterte casually said. Perhaps he is right. No power in this world can alter what destiny has decided. His enemies may have thought he was a puzzle to solve. They were wrong. Duterte is fulfilling a destiny.”

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Source: Jun Abines

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