Duterte tops latest SWS nationwide survey

Days after Mayor Rodrigo Duterte announced his intention to run as a substitute candidate for PDP-Laban, he topped the nationwide survey conducted by SWS (Social Weather Station).

SWS Survey

SWS Survey

The survey period was conducted on November 26-28, 2 days before he made the infamous acceptance speech riddled with expletives unsparing even the Pope that caused an uproar among netizens.


Mayor Duterte had a double digit lead over his closest rivals just days after he announced his candidacy. He got 38 percent nationwide, followed by Poe and VP Binay, who garnered 21 percent each, followed by Mar Roxas, got 15 percent and Santiago at 4 percent.

Among the upper class and middle classes, Duterte was the top choice with 62 percent. VP Binay and Grace Poe got 16 and 13 percent respectively. Mar Roxas received 6 percent and Santiago got 1 percent.

Duterte topped Mindanao and Visayas

In Mindanao, Duterte was the runaway winner in the survey and received 50 percent of the respondents vote. Followed by Binay with 18 percent, Poe with 13 percent, Roxas with 6 percent and finally Santiago with 1 percent

In the Visayas, the bailiwick of Roxas, Duterte received 44 percent, followed by Roxas at 20 percent, Poe at 16 percent, Binay at 14 percent and Santiago at 5 percent.

Duterte topped SWS NCR Survey

As a validation of the survey conducted by the Pulse Asia wherein Duterte topped the survey, Duterte topped the SWS survey in the National Capital Region with a dominating percentage at 48 percent, followed by Grace Poe at 22 percent, VP Binay at 18 percent, Roxas at 7 percent and Santiago at 3 percent.

A statistical tie in the rest of Luzon

Outside NCR, Duterte, Binay and Poe stood at statistical tie. Duterte received 26 percent of the respondents’ votes, Binay got 27 percent and Poe got 28 percent. Mar Roxas received 7 percent and Santiago got 1 percent.

Duterte top choice of the ‘MASA’

Duterte was the top choice of the classes D and E by garnering 69 percent. Followed by VP Binay who 47 percent, Poe at 42 percent, Roxas at 32 percent.

Duterte top choice of the rich and the middle classes

Surprisingly, Mayor Duterte was the top choice of the rich and middle classes by cornering 62 percent of the respondents’ votes. Followed by Binay at 16 percent, Poe at 13 percent and Roxas at 6 percent.

The respondents were asked in Filipino which goes along this line:

“With Rodrigo Duterte on this list as a substitute candidate for President, who would you most likely vote for President if the elections were held today?

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Source: SWS and Philippine Daily Inquirer

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